Fireblade 1000 RR

Currently have a 929RR but have the chance of owning a 2004 1000RR that I could buy tomorrow. This would be my 3rd Fireblade and would appreciate any input from 1000 Fireblade owners as to how they ride. I tend to thrap the tits off my 929 given the chance so the power is not an issue I’m more interested in handling, riding position etc

I’m 18 stone, short arsed and do a bit of commuting with pleasure riding. I am on tip toes on the 929. I’ve already done an insurance comparison and I can insure the 1000 fully comp for £280 so no probs there.

Aah, scratch that matey has just me a text to say he’s not selling now. Would’ve been a bargain at £3200 :w00t: