fire safety in your house

how many of you have considered fire safety in your house?

how many of you have got/thought about smoke detectors, co2 detectors, fire blankets, fire extinguishers etc?

I attended a seminar on fire safety engineering systems a month ago and after that and noticing that my house doesnt actually have any detectors (now ordered, along with some other bitS!) I just thought id remind everyone

merry christmas from steve :smiley:

Don’t forget a canary too!


At the risk of being called a pedant, CO2(carbon dioxide) aren’t a great deal of good, CO(carbon monoxide) detectors, on the other hand could save your life :wink:


So Steve, were you paying attention in class! pmsl

Did you just buy a ‘soda stream’ gas detector?

well spotted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

actually i was thinking of a co2 fire extinguisher at the same time as the carbon monoxide detector whilst setting out a fire safety drawing for a retail unit, so the words got mixed up :smiley:

seriously though, THUMBS UP ON MONDAY :w00t:


Already fire safe here, I can beat anyone out the door in this house if a fire erupts!!!:smiley:

As long as I can get all the bikes out safe I’ll be alright.;):stuck_out_tongue:

i might even buy one of these, and wear my ppe to bed :smiley:

Nothing to burn here!!:slight_smile:

Also of note, that if you have an older style smoke detector it will have an americium core. You cannot throw these out in the rubbish.

Modern detectors use an optical system.

is that your holiday home?

Yea but what about a tropical rainstorm!

Adam - I think I have a picture of the legendary Tonka… look in the 100% Biker thread to confirm???