Finished at last

Seems as my build thread gets no love here’s the bike finished

Looks nice mate, can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

Saw it tonight and it looks damn good! Well done you :slight_smile:

+1 here fella…nice work :)…

liked the front end…bet it makes a world of difference…did u change the rear shock too?

Saw it in the flesh tonight at BM and it looked great. Nice job Barry :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Woo that looks nice:)

Very shiny.
Not sure what the difference is though as I havent seen you or the bike in ages.
Colour looks similar…thats as much as I remember. lol

Thanks all :slight_smile: it was 8 hours hard work getting it all done today but well worth it.

I had a gsxr1000 k2 rear shock but couldn’t get on with it at higher speeds so went back to standard. I will give a 636 shock a try and get B to work his magic with it as he did the front.

There’s afew bits I’m not happy with so I’ll take her back off the road tomorrow and get more powder coating done that way it’s all clean and fresh (I know anal)

Then power commander back on and remap time maybe in afew weeks.

Had a huge off in september followed by a rebuild with gsxr front end but rattle canned the panels. It was due fresh paint so I got other bits done while I was at it.

v nice, love the colour

PR3s good choice.:slight_smile:

Looks good. What colour was it before you sprayed it burgundy?

It was Toyota e53 before and now is mica red

Nope. Must say paint job looks good. Looks like the R1 red colour. They done that type of red. I think theres a blade that colour aswell…Looks good mate…

Looking good!

I saw this evening at BM. Lovin’ those forks.

only caught a glimpse of it in the dark when we left @ Heath, but looks good indeed :slight_smile:


that’s great news well done.

ride sometime? :smiley:


Soon fella need to get use to riding it again

Love the colour :slight_smile: Looks very smart :slight_smile: