Finished at last....but sadly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi,just thought u might want to look at my hornet streetfighter,i was going to polish the wheels n swinging arm…but cant be arsed…lol

But sadly its got to be sold as i did a trackday on it and have been bitten by the bug…so went out and bought a trackday bike,and cant afford to run both.





Looks good mate! Nice one on the track-bike. Have you given up on road riding for good now?

Looking good. I had a trick 2 spoke front wheel on my hornet…


JESUS!!! :w00t:

I can see what you mean Gazza, Gussetbikers crazy paving is miles better than smf12’s. But to be fair I think he’s just washed it :slight_smile:

ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…not quite sure yet,depends if i get what i want for the bike…£2800

ive spent nearly 3k on it…so a bargin for someone .!!!:wink:

You also have to take in to consideration the light and angle of camera postion:D

very nice mate

how dare you diss my crazy paving :w00t:

put the hornet back to as near standard as you can and sell the fancy bits and bobs on the hornets nest as they will get snapped up and they will NOT add value to the bike in a sale unfortunately.

…or don’t lol

stunning hornet you have thier, i couldnt sell it, loks lovely, i think i’m turning to teh darkside…the fighter side!

did you catch a train … with the front wheel :wink:

ive seen smf’s pavement in person and i must say the picture does’nt do it justice :smiley: