Finished a little project today


Always wanted to mount a parcel shelf above my pillion seat to bungee stuff to. After I bought a top box mount that was aluminium sheet I figured that I could extend it and create a long shelf, much nicer to mount my large dry bag lengthways rather than across and have it drooping off the sides.

Still got room to lift the pillion seat off too.


How’s that going to affect the weight distribution moving it further backwards?
Surely it’s going to make the front light.


If I ever get it running again, I’m going to stump up on a fork internals upgrade first


Very good Mian, though … it doesn’t look very finished. Can we have proof please?


proof of what?


am I missing something? where would the rider go?


Yes you are but not your fault. The tank is spun around and sat on the rider’s seat at the moment to aid engine access.


Ok that makes sense!


Photos of the bike complete @me_groovy, it looks like it’s still in a dozen pieces.


Oh it is. Still doesn’t work and don’t know why. Currently no radiator attached as I lent it to a mate who put a hole in his.