Fines for riding without full protective gear

complete ****

We are also responsable for a hell of a lot more smoking and drinking related costs on the NHS than costs of people who come of their bike and do themsleves more damage because they are not wearing the full gear!!

Completely unenforceable, whats ‘protective gear’ anyway? Something with eu stickers or just an old brando jacket? Are bike boots acceptable and work boots not?

why don’t you just drag up one of the old (or even some not so old) kit topics where this has been fully covered numerous times already.

it would never work for so many reasons, mainly

  1. you’d have to define protective clothing. I’m willing to bet that none of you have CE approved gloves and the only part approved about most clothing is the armour, so you’d have massive set up costs for a sharp like rating system for clothing. Then would you get a lesser fine if you were wearing cheap gear like a nitro helmet?

2)everyone would bitch and moan that the police should be out catching criminals rather than stopping you for wearing jeans

3)nobody would comply because people would think it is a stupid law like the tinted visor regs, and it infringes on our freedom of choice

we have the same debates come up here every year, every year theres big discussions about what people wear, or dont, about how many accidents and fatalaties there seem to be etc etc.At end of the day, biking can be dangerous, and there are a lot of twats who ride motorbikes, just like there are twats everywhere else. As long as they keep away from me, they can ride in thongs for all i care!

Would it be as effective as stopping people driving whilst on the phone? I dont anyone who’s been caught yet!

Just make road rash victims pay for their own treatment in hospital (and others who have injuries due to not having the right gear) :smiley:

so lets make smokers pay for lung cancer treatment, everyone who sits in the sun pay for skin cancer treatment, alcoholics pay for liver disease, every person who rides over the speed limit and has an accident etc etc etc…

In fact, why dont we just pay for the NHS, as everyone is guilty of something?

i am not overweight
i dont smoke
i drink rarely and small amounts
i use sunscreen
i dont often speed
I do have asthma though… so which one of you bastids deserves the fine for polluting my air? Maybe its curtis in his truck LOL :smiley:

I cant believe your taking ths seriously? surely it was case of ‘light the blue touch-paper and retire singgering’.

The following things all potentially cost the tax payer money due to the chance you might need medical help paid for by the state, but you can do them without requiring insurance:

  • jumping off tall buildings
  • swimming with hungry sharks after working all day on Billingsgate market
  • tombstoning
  • retrieving frisbees from electricity pylons (“Jimmy!”)
  • smoking
  • drinking
  • unsafe sex
  • pizza
  • walking in south London whilst not wearing a stab vest
  • crossing the road without waiting for the green man
  • crossing the road after waiting for the green man

So… where exactly shall we draw the line as to what is and is not punishable by a fine? Or shall we all make up our own minds and get on with things, being as we are free citizens?

Duncan (personally wearing full leathers and armour on every ride, but enjoying the rest of the things on the list from smoking on down…)

I’m not taking it seriously, hence the air pollution comment and the smily face and the big LOL. hehe

Look now you made me add a ‘hehe’.

t & c: can be made into a longer hehe, or even a haha, any changes in the terms and conditions of the above comment will be notified in writing with at least 28 days notice. ;):D:w00t:

Ah, so you’re the reason I don’t need to pay to be fixed! Cheers! :wink:

define “getting fixed”. cos it made me cross my legs

Aargh, no, not again, shtop with the riding gear threads…

Cue Miss Lustfish?

cheeky bitch more likely to be you’re silly students revving the nuts off of ya car :wink:

What fool is taking this seriously then? lol

I think we should go back to having a man run in front of us with a red flag so people know I’m coming.

f*ck off. i pay my taxes and have worked since leaving school 23 yrs ago si i think i am entitled to use wot i like.