Fines for riding without full protective gear

I think there ought to be fines handed out to those who ride without proper protective clothing…

Freedom of choice is all well and good but the tax payers who foot the bill don’t have any choice…they pay bigger bills for those who choose to ride in shorts and flipflops than a properly dressed rider…

Why should we pay for people who dont want to behave in a proper manner?

Fines follwed by a ban would soon stop this.

Uh oh… :smiley:

I think banning chav’s from driving would do a lot more good

I think the last thing we need is more rules.

The only time I think laws need to be introduced is when our actions affect others - if you have the same crash with or without protective gear, the only one to be affected will be you. The car/pedestrian/tree you hit will be the same regardless of your jeans/leathers/shorts.

It all comes down to personal choice. I wouldnt like someone telling me what I can and cant wear, next we will have to wear body armour whilst walking down the pavement incase we trip and injure ourselves.

Clever people wear full leathers and body armour whilst on their bikes, organ donors dont.

some muppet always starts one of these theads when the weather gets nice :doze:

whatever next, jail sentences for mugging victims for not wearing stab vests!

what a crok of shite , so when people go out and get so rat arsed they have to be picked by ambulance that dosn’t count then ?

Why not just join he debate here :slight_smile:

But as has been said many times before, if people want to ride in jeans, t-shirt and trainers then that’s their choice, they are not doing any harm to anyone else by doing this, not saying I would, not a chance in hell I would go out like that one the bike and I always tut when I see someone riding dressed like this but hey ho, it’s their skin that will be left on the road if they come off :slight_smile:

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Define ‘proper’.

whereas I think there should be fines for people who come up with half witted, idiotic ideas!

Fine the government, you mean? :wink:

bwahahaha pmsl:D

I agree with mark… do you want a can opener with those worms? :smiley:

Actually both wouldn’t do any harm… :slight_smile:

But we all be for their medical bill. so in this case, you should not be aloud on a bike without full gear unless you have a private medical insurance that especially cover you for this… Then you can do what the hell you want…

That is actually a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you Whistler…

Actually, I think we should fine and then ban smokers from smoking…they take up far too many NHS resources…:wink:

Fat people buying cakes from the bakers…

I feel another thread coming on in the same vein as the parking for free in london thread from whence my signature was born…