Fines for not wearing the correct gear for riding a bike..

Don’t hold back eh fella?


Oh…it’s personal…

Mr key board warrior in Spain won’t/can’t come over to are jolly old meets in blighty…

I sometimes wear pants
And I may be somewhat pissed…
Anyway… the fella wot lives in that Spains seems to delight in provoking this sort of response.
One would think he lives under a bridge and eats billy-goats.

hahaha troll!!!

Unless you have something sensible to add to this thread please refrain from posting on it. As has been mentioned already this discussion has been flogged to death already on LB, please don’t make me remove anymore posts:)

What about a newspaper, Tv and poster campain, to shock people with horrible injuries from low speed crashes. To be honest I think we have all done it. After I came off while learning how to wheelie when I was nineteen, at slow speed, my knee hit the kerb and burst wide open. After the minor op several stitches, and months of pain I saved up and bought my first set of leathers. I have always worn proctective clothing since then.

The idiots who ride in shorts and T shirts etc, will not do it after they have a crash, we all learn the hard way, don’t we?


Harsh…but true! :wink:

An old chestnut, pictured yesterday.

Ha ha - agreed - please no more threads on Protective Clothes, unless it’s in the soap box section - it’s been done to death so much it’s enough to drive us all insane;):smiley:

Risk compensation?

i agree with the fact we should wear protective gear which i learnt the hard way .

come on though seriously aren’t we already getting fined for enough things , it should be up to the individual though its their life their choice !!!

dont be such a big brother robot talking about fines thats just wrong for so many reasons

Its my human right to only wear a mankini when riding !!!

have to agree with whistler on this one here in Spain… the best one is the ones with a helmet… hanging by its strap from their ELBOW :D:D

I ATGATT, sweat wipes off sooooooooooo much easier than blood :wink:

We do have laws and punishments for not wearing appropriate safety gear… you can’t legally ride without a helmet :slight_smile:

I think it’s better to leave it to the rider from there on.

Agree completely about letting the rider decide.
People can ride in just their pants, riding safely is the main issue.

Out of interest TC, what do you mean by people getting injured by the gear?
Is some ‘protective’ gear actually potentially harmful in some incidents?

Hot days in leather and then removing them, pulls the hairs out of your legs:w00t:

Walking into a pub dressed like a power ranger and then getting set upon by local chavs:)

Oh not that kind of harmful:P

lmao pj :D:D

Maybe the govt could introduce a law that enforces riders all to wear flouro Green Leathers?