Finding where to fit bench vice

I’ve got this absolute unit:

I need to find a place for it. I used to have it attached to a proper workbench in the garage. Sadly, I had to move to another place that does not have a garage or a workbench. It’s a rental, so can’t just screw it on a window sill. Space is limited and so is the budget, so can’t really just buy a proper workbench either. Dining table also out of the question since the other housemate would not approve.

Depending on what you need it for
Black and decker workmate or similar


Find a piece of worktop that’s a foot square and mount it to that

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Will depend on what you intend to use it for.

Holding food whilst you slice it? Kitchen worktop

For its intended use?
Find a friend with a garage or workshop.

Alternatively sell it or store until your circumstances change.

That seems like the best option all things considered as long as the table is stable enough.
It would be used for holding things while drilling/getting stuck bolts unstuck/pushing in stubborn pistons in a caliper, etc.

You need a workbench.

Could you screw/bolt it to a bit of timber and then clamp that to the windowsill or another suitable surface?

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Clamp it on to the end of the bed - could come in handy.

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That I do.

That’s an interesting solution, I’ll have to check if it’s feasible with what I have.

Love it. Though the bed would probably topple over from the shear weight :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: