Finding wheel bearing required from wheel details.

I need to change the front bearings on my SM wheels, there is a stamp on the wheel

BEHR Germany 17 x MT 3.50 H2-10206-06-02 KTM E-DOT-D

I have searched the KTM Fiche and can’t find anything that relates to any of those numbers. How can i find out what bearings go in these wheels??

I don’t want to remove the bearing and look for a part number on that unless i REALLY have to just incase i can’t get them or they are going to take ages to arrive as i don’t want the bike off the road any longer than it already has been.

I think you’ll find that number refers to the rim, you need the number off the hub or the bearing or, take the bearing out and measure it.

the bearing should have a number on it

& there’s a proper bearing shop near you ill see if I can find it

Cool, cheers, i’ll look for a number on the Hub tonight

its not on the hub its on the bearing

it should be stamped on the bearing race

also Try BRT Bearings

If you’re not 100% sure, drop Matt at OMC a note. He’s pretty good a finding bearing matches for much better prices. Unless KTM, like some Yamaha bearings, use bearings that are non standard you’ll be alright. 

Cheers. I’ll see what i can find.

If you’ve a vernier you can probably measure it without removing it, but if it’s not completely fucked there’ll be a readable specification embossed either in the seal or the race; this one is a 962052RS:

I’ll have a look.

On the fiche does it show part number ?

Ive found them now. I got the wheel off and got the number off the bearing

On the fiche does it show part number ? TimR
It does when searching for my 690, £13.68 for the front wheel bearing, £42.30 for the front wheel bearing kit

a 2002 520 exc is £7.50 - can’t remember if that’s your bike lol

Thats for the enduro wheels, I need it for the SM wheel so not sure if they are tge same

The picture clearly shows the bearing coding look on your then go to a bearing shop

Already done it, read the posts :slight_smile: