Find out what was number one on your birth day or any day ya like


Slade’s mamma we’re all carzy now was number one when I was born, apt me thnks.

great…i got abba momma mia…lol

perhaps thats why ive always had a twitch in my cheek…

great link mate.


Beatles, “Hey Judge” to me…

Jacksons - Show You The Way To Go.

Was hoping for the Sex Pistols, but it’s not too bad.

gerry and the pace makers “youll never walk alone”

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots were made for walking. (not quite my musical cup of tea)

Beatles Day Tripper / We can work it out.


Just think, in twenty years time someone will find that website and discover that the Crazy Frog was at no.1 when they entered the world - now that will be a little depressing.

“Foot Tapper” by The Shadows on the day I was born, and “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police on the day I passed my bike test…

“Rock-a-Billy” by Guy Mitchell.

Dear God.

Pink floyd Another Brick In The Wall

Thats not to bad

Slade - Merry Xmas

(new year’s eve, 1973 baby)

The Hollies, I’m Alive.

Dawn - Knock Three Times. err not quite my taste!

Del Shannon - Runaway wtf??

Madonna - Into The Groove


Hoagy Carmichael with ‘Georgia on my mind’…