Find myself wanting a sports bike

So recently I’ve found myself wanting a sports bike, even though it’s entirely not practical.

I do a 60-mile round trip commuting every day, up the A2 from Kent, through the Blackwall Tunnel and across the city to Farringdon. I’m 6’ 4" and my current bike is a Tiger 1050.

For some reason, I have it in my head that some sort of Panigale would be a great bike. Maybe it’s a near midlife crisis happening.

Another other tall people who ride sports bikes on a daily basis?

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I’ve got the same pang and nearly bought Mrs Jay’s S1000RR.

That’s still the bike I’ve got my eye on. Just need to justify it now.

R6 or daytona 675 are REALLY narrow for getting around town but you have to live with leaning on your wrists a lot and feathering the clutch in slow moving traffic.

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My commuting bike for many years was my 748 (hence username) and it really was narrow which made it surprisingly practical for filtering.

Comfort, now that’s a different story.

What are you commuting on now @Michael748?

I’d say about 80% of my journey is filtering these days with the clearest parts being within London.

Probably two of the most uncomfortable sports bikes around proper forced into the racing position on these,i was the same wanted a sports bike got one a Daytona 675 within 2 months after not being able to control my speeds on it ,engine and frame getting super hot and generally being uncomfortable on it decided to do a trackday on it and got hooked on trackdays​:+1::+1::+1::+1:.
The Cbr600rr are more comfortable for roads s1000rr I’ve heard are pretty comfortable too.

I know a couple of tall lads that ride KTM RC8’s without any issues.

Today it was a Piaggio 125 :slight_smile: - which is pretty rubbish at squeezing through gaps because if its wide mirrors and fat arse.

My 748 has been replaced with a Supersport which, despite the name, is a softer bike with a more compliant ride and taller wider bars. Although it is still an L-twin motor it’s a lot more porky than the 748.

I’m 6’2 but long legs and have commuted on a couple of older ZX6’s. Great for tight gaps. Not so great for wrists and ankles tucked up by your ears. After a week or so I find you get used to whatever your riding; I say go for it!

s1000rr… use it daily for my daily work hack :slight_smile:

Been commuting into c London on my 600rr for over 2 years now for a 30m round trip and loving it. Honda, apparently, is more comfortable compared to its peers and reliable. If you fancy a sport bike, go for it!

i used to commute on a sports bike 146 mile round trip daily
the reason i stopped was 2 accidents sent my insurance preimum through the roof
now i got my NCP back & im 1 year away from not having to declare the accidents
ill be back on a sprts bike once the triumph has goon poop

Oooh, going to go gixxer again? I hear the Ducati 959 has excellent service intervals.

They ask you about any accidents or claims going back 5 years now! It’s bloody ridiculous!

Haven’t decided yet
But the 1000cc GSXR Is on my list

I’m not quite as tall as you (5’ 9") but S1000RR and GSX-R1000 would be my two choices. I think BMW is a bit bulkier from what I remember. I myself ride GSX-R750 and 1000 feels the same size physically so maybe 750 could also be an option.

One thing I can say (as probably many others) - you have to go try them yourself. No-one can tell you what suits you best. I remember being 110% set on the ZX-6R a few years ago and only went for a testride just to make sure. I was glad I did as it was the most uncomfortable bike I had ever ridden. The tank felt so narrow that I ended up not being able to support my upper body by pressing my thighs against it. As a result all the weight was on my wrists and after the first 10 minutes I was aching and couldn’t wait to get off it.

For comparison, I went straight to a Suzuki dealership as I had a testride for the GSX-R750 booked and it felt as comfortable as if I had been riding that bike my whole life purely because of its shape. Go figure.

There is a nice GSXR 750 on a 2010 plate at a shop near me. Might go an take it out for a ride on Saturday.

Would like a 1000 but I think for the riding I’ll do a 750 should scratch the itch.

up to K9 the 1000 gsxr is wider after that the 1000 got slimmer