Finchley Rd Bus lanes

I was sure that the bus lane heading South down the A41 Finchley road was open to Bikes, but yesterday I noticed that this red route now has signs without bikes on for most of the length of the Bus lane.

There was still one sign which has a motorbike on down between Finchley and Swiss Cottage tube stations.

Anyone else notice this?

It seems a it strange to go to the expense of replacing the signs just weeks before the lane is open to bikes anyway…

I thought the same on the first section of A13 going east from Aldgate recently - could have sworn it used to be part of the trial but as it was a while since I’d been that route I thought I must have been remembering it wrong.

I noticed that as well…travelling from FInchley Road Station to Swiss cottage, heading into town, they have removed the bike symbol…and I only realised before it was too late!!! I blimmin’ hope I don’t get a letter through the post otherwise I’ll truley be fooked off!

Someone on a scooter pointed this out to me a couple of days ago. I’ve been travelling down Finchley Road to get to work for almost 2 years as bikes have been allowed, if they try and fine me now, I’ll definitely be putting up a fight!

So, does anyone know what’s going on? I thought if anything more bus lanes were being made open to bikers? Why has Finchley Road gone the other way? Who do we contact to find information/complain?

Sh!t. I’ve been using the Bus Lanes as normal for the past couple of weeks without even looking out for changed signs!
This could be expensive if I’ve been racking up fines :angry:

If it’s a TFL bus lane they are supposed to be toning down the enforcement of this in the run up to the opening of red route bus lanes to bikes in the new year - well that’s the theory anyway…

Does anyone have a link to details of this? (The allowing bikes in bus lanes in the new year?)

The bus lanes open up on the 5th Jan 2009, some info on the MCN site about this.

It looks like we’re still fine to ride in bus lanes up and down Finchley Road -

“Following a number of email and telephone enquiries by MCN readers, the truth came out. In the words of one TfL employee it was a ‘big mistake’. The signs should never have been replaced. Other readers have received email assurances from TfL that motorbikes can ride in these bus lanes. So after some confusion and scratching of helmets, life returns to how it has been for the past few years, until the bus lane riders of the A41 and A23 will be joined by bikers from around London on 5th January.”


Here you go Andy

Tho we all must be on the look out for the tin drivers, they just wont know we can use the bus lanes and so wont be looking for us (not that they ever did)