Finchingfield tomorrow for lunch

As Rob has had to cancel the newbie ride due to bike trouble, I’m going to head for Finchingfield for lunch.

I am on a new to me bike so will be riding at a comfortable pace till I start to get dialled in, at which point I hope things will quicken up considrably.(so i might end up being not too 125 freindly)

I’m not sure of the route and I dont have a sat nav, so this is not an organised rideout.

But if anyone fancies tagging along, I’ll be leaving Ilford at about 10:30.

let me know.

After finching field I will probably head west, towards Hatfield then spank it down the A1 then A406 to West london.

If it is pissing it down I’ll be staying in bed.

Might head out, providing the rain holds off!

Nice ride down there enjoy Dave, I’m not around (due to surprise birthday treatment ‘cut throat shave and hot towel’ ) :Whistling: Followed by pub lunch & Peroni :smiley:

Weather looks dry for the mo, so your app is best :wink:


Cheers Frank

Enjoy your beauty treatment, I can’t remember the last time I had a shave, fecking nice though.

Happy birthday!:slight_smile:

Cheers, must say I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it was the nuts!

Did they shave you twice, once with the grain then once against? hot towels between? you think the second in gonna hurt like feck, then the razor glides over like there is nothing there.

then the bastard covers your face with alcohol without warning and you want to squeal like a pig.

Awesome! feels fantastic afterwards.

If i ever get rid of the beard, that’s the way it will be done.

Yeah shaved about 4 times in all, hot towels initially then frozen after the final shave… Didn’t like the final scrub with the towel :w00t: but overall much enjoyed!