Finchingfield run - road is fcked

Fcking gravelly sh1t all over it - resurfacing they call it…steer well clear for a couple of weeks I reckon.   (B184)  

did they plant grass up the middle of it aswell  ?

we were discussing just that over there

Off road section :slight_smile:

Bit of grass up the middle would sort it right out. Then just need to add Bambi

I know this is a wild and crazy suggestion, but you could always go somewhere else …? I have heard that there is more than one place in Essexland.

Wash your mouth out

Changyammi posted the same info yesterday -

It’s absolutely crazy! I went out for a ride to Finchingfield yesterday and on my way back rode into this nightmare. No signs, no warnings, nothing. Had to turn around and go back home using a different route.

Edit: Just noticed NT’s post with link. Duh…

A bit of gravel on a known route is excellent practice for winter when the same road may have a little snow and ice.

Think of it as warm weather prep for winter when we know you will all be frequenting these routes daily.

In the words of Osbourne Clancy, “The road ahead defines your life and circumspection is the mark of the man”

If there genuinely aren’t any signs out, did you have a bit of a rant at the LA Highways Dept that could actually do something about it, or just have a bit of a moan to the people on here who can’t and then ignore the problem? Fixmystreet or a quick email to the County Council will get it actioned. Trust me, the threat of litigation and a bollocking from the boss will get those signs out.

There are signs just once you hit it. No advanced warning and a very ironic one “improving your roads”. Should have take a picture really.

You should ride over our way instead. Problem solved :grinning:

Reminds me of

Yep sadly to say the Twisty road to thame has been resurfaced … but with shiny tarmac … heading west is best …