Finchingfield run for me today

Anyone want details / timings, om me before 9.30

*Pm me

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It might be worth not stopping in finchingfeild itself.

Locals don’t seem to like large groups of bikers there in the best of times, let alone when there’s a virus going around.

It’s ok, just use the Dominic Cummings defence


As if we’d be a large group :wink:
I rode through Finchingfield last Thursday on my way to Walthamstow, there were just two mo’cycles there at lunch time, I didn’t stop. From Abridge to Woodford Castle throuhg Epping Forest there were sunbathers, picnickers, joggers and uncle Bob taking up all and then some of the open grassland, 39¼", you know I’m real money, social distancing appeared to be being observed but only just.

Then the locals are welcome to hide under their beds :slight_smile:Went on Thursday with no hassles.

And the tearoom is fully open for ice creams / takeaways.

*Fri not Thurs

That I’m a cu t and everyone can fuck off?


This was on Facebook yesterday so be careful

I doubt they’d accept that invite, they rarely come out for a bike theft…

Yeah, but if someone tells them that BL is gonna be there…

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Want the police to turn up tell them someone is bullying people on twitter.

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From a friend’s ride there today


Can confirm Finchingfield was heaving with visiting mo’cyclists, residents and others. I saw 5 Police Officers doing very little apart from standing around chatting on the far side of the ford. There didn’t appear to be any parking enforcement going on much to the annoyance of the two elderly ladies socially distancing in the bus shelter presumably waiting for a bus. Do the Police even do parking enforcement or maybe they just ran out of tickets we did arrive late morning.

We exercised around the green by way of a gentle stroll followed by some yoga and stretch type floor exercises before tucking into our well earned picnic luncheon. Then it was off on the B1057 loop to Haverhill and back just for kicks.

Happy Days


Love the Haverhill Loop

Oh yes, its all good apart from the staggered crossroads.

Some of us were were more assertive with our parking than others. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure most parking offences were decriminalised decades ago so that the council can enforce.

Sunday rules on a bank hol :slight_smile:


Not in Kensington and Chelsea. The parking ninjas are out in force.

I thought the mo’cycles parked on the village green bus stop were risking a ticket, clear signage was in place ‘NO STOPPING EXCEPT BUSES’. I parked responsibly next to a big 1200GS that turned out to be piloted by our old mate Rixxy.