Finchingfield Brook Bridge road closure

The bridge over the Finchingfield Brook is to be closed, demolished and rebuilt next summer. Work is scheduled to commence in July 2016 and is expected to take four months to complete. If you’re approaching Finchingfield from the south on the A1057 from Dunmow or the west on the A1053 from Saffron Walden and want to leave by the A1057 towards Steeple Bumpstead or by the A1053 towards Wethersfield, Braintree and Sible Hedingham then your just going to have to suffer a proper twisty diversion :-))

Essex Highways have ruled out building a temporary bridge due to time constraints and costs, I wonder if they’ve considered re-opening the ford?

BCR riders entering Finchingfield on the B1053 note the ‘official’ diversion will take you south on the B1057 to Dunmow, left on the B1256 to Braintree and then another couple of lefts to bring you back to Finchingfield via the B1053 from where you can complete the B1057 loop. Obviously the same diversion will apply in reverse to get you back, that’s an extra 50+ miles of B roads to consider on your tank range :wink:

Locals will peel of the B1057 at Great Barfield in favour of the single track route, five or six left turns will take you back to Finchingfield via Mill Road, Daw Street and (the other) Mill Road in under 5 miles, hoping they don’t meet with an oil delivery truck, or similar (other delivery trucks operate in the area) :frowning:

Get on with it son, l expect the reopen Ford application on their desk by morning.:grin: