ive finally received the disc from the fast bikes magazine photo shoot heres some pics

very very nice but you should have warned us,
i got halfway down the photos then almost died choking on my coffee;)

Very nice:cool:

I wish you’d told that bint to get out the way;):D:D

very nice bike :cool:

Must be Parkinson`s disease again, shaky hands are an early sign.

What bike…:w00t:

Theres Two;):smiley:

be worth riding for an hour :slight_smile:

Very Very Nice, The Bike is not too bad either :slight_smile:

Hilton you just beat me to that one

Bike need a little more Chrome :D:D:D


Nice shots, but she could probably use pic 15 to sue her plastic surgeon with… wonky “farings” anyone :slight_smile: ?

Y u choking on ur coffee…

do you get to keep the lady with no top on??;):P:D

ive got that issuse of fb, they didnt use half them pics. i do like wat you done with ur bike, very cool headlight covers and not over the top NICE!!!


Candy-stripe undies are a bit naff

+1 Ugly tits!

I’d prefer the bike.

Did you go to the photo shoot! I think I would of done my best to be there!!

If you didn’t go I would have been more than happy to guard you bike and body search anyone that was too close to it:):):):D:D:P

Now what happened to that photo… says you have violated their terms and conditions:):slight_smile: how naughty was it???

BTW how did you end up having your bike there?

guys i bloody did go but wasnt aload in bugger and the pic thats not showing is no worse then the rest not that there bad there bloody great ill try it again below

i got to be featured becace a guy from mag seen it at the ace and basicaly asked me if they could use it i said BLOODY YES

If it were me I’d have nailed her over the back of that!