Finally passed my test.... Which bike to move onto???

After 8 months tearing up the streets of London on my monster CBR 125R I finally passed my test today and ripped off those L plates.

Big decision time. As much as I would like to rock up at North City Triumph and put a deposit on a 675 a few little things like living in a high risk postcode, no NCD, and no garage mean insurance is crippling. Being broke doesn’t help either.

So what bike??? Prob need to be a 500/600, cheap to insure and won’t mind sitting and being ridden in all weathers.

Any suggestions welcome.

(I finally feel like a “real” biker!)

Congrats mate, good 1st choice would be an Suzuki SV650

u know this is going to cause ongoing conflict for ages this one… my input would be a fazer 600 or maybe a hornet 600 both can be picked relativley cheap now, if i were in your shoes Id go for the fazer.

Good man!

My vote goes to the Monster, of course Cheap insurance and a nice naked bike for town.

Any which way I join Flatout in the naked 600 cat, oh er missuz

Fazers are the worst bike to get insured on as a new rider, I know a few people who were not able to even get a quote for one!

Have a look for CBR600f’s, SV’s (which can be picked up dirt cheap) and thundercats. They all look like good begginer bikes and most naked 600’s are also good for starting off on.

When looking for insurane give 08702412348 a go as they gave me a really good quote for my CBR600FS £690 in a high risk area, NCB and 22 years old.

Also try ebike.

Top tip fella. Go to as many dealerships with your green temp license and they can’t do enough for you as they know you’re in the market. Some places I lines up 3-4 bikes to ride back to back.

Try everything you can get your hands on

Cheers guys, looks like i’m gonna be doin a lot of test rides over the next couple of weeks.

Already with ebike. They are the cheapest I could find.

Still got the temptation to get a nice sports bike though…

Anyone recommend a good dealer in and around North/East London?

Might be worth a trip down to Chiswick Honda. There is a really nice sales guy called Heston who won’t rob you blind.

They have test ride on a Sat morning, and if you take the first slot (about 10ish) you’ll be able to take out a couple of bikes. Manybe try the Hornet and CBR.

Watch out for Guy Steel as he won’t give you any discount what so ever!

I did my test on a CB 500 which I thought was a good bike, but not the most exciting.

I looked at the GS500. It doesn’t look too bad, especially the faired version. Cheap to insure as well. (Same price as by CBR 125 )

I mentioned it to my DAS instructor who said that from previous experience he thought the Honda’s (CB500/600) are a much better bike.

Only one way so find out. I’ll try and get one on a test ride!

TBH you will probably get bored of a 500 in no time. 600+ boyo

It really depends on what you’re going to use it for really?

In london SV650 will probably be the cheapest thing to insure. For me its cheaper than anything else apart from a SLR or F650.
They are dirt cheep if you get the models on or before 2002. Bits are plentifull and the bike is pretty much bullet proof engine wise.
They are not OTT on the power but enough to have a good play and dispite what people say it is a cracking bike and is well able to keep up with big toys on the twisties with a good rider.

Another bomb-proof 600. How’s the seat height on those?

Well there was someone on the SV forum that could not get her feet down properly on the SV but on a GSXR600 she could.
Oh, and you prob know anyway that the SV is a v-twin. So power delivery is way diff from a 4.
Its way tamer than the TL, but i never trashed that as it was not mine.

for insurance mate try

thought about a bandit/hornet? poss a 400?

for insurance mate try

thought about a bandit/hornet? poss a 400?

Prefer twins meself. Sound nicer

First choice would be good for an SV650 faired one! Top class bike very forgiving and good enough to learn big bike skills on and fast enough to keep you entertained.

By fast enough for example: me and a few mates went touring to the south of France most of them had blades, ZX9s etc and I had the Zx6 and my mate had an Sv. Not once did his bike struggle to keep up they are well fast and was top class in the mountains with all that low down grunt!

Well done mate

I would go for a fazer600 as its a do it all bike and its not that bad on insurance. I would check first before buying anything.

Good luck matey

my flatmate is thinking about selling his sv650 come to think of it - he seems to have a fair few of the extras for it (can, cowls etc). Pm me if you want me to get the details from him