Finally Passed my DAS


People i finally passed my test did it in Enfield after several attempts in chingford.

What a feeling :smiley:

now i need advice on what to get …honda…?BMW k series…?

i be using it to commute to work in the city but…

the challenge is im 6`4 and im struggling to think of what to get.

been looking at CBR600F`s…

your advice and help would be appreciated thanks

well done mate!

best thing is to get to a few dealers and have a sit on a few different models fella, see what you feel most comfortable on :slight_smile: the feel of the low bars on a sports bike will throw you off at 1st compared to the test bikes but dont worry you soon get the hang of it :wink:

Well done.

Well done on passing, try as many different bikes as you can, and if possible have a test ride on similar kinds of road that you’ll be using to go to work. Be very careful and mindful of how vulnerable you are on a bike. Hopefully someone who is quite tall will pop along in a minute to recommend some bikes for you…

Good advice to try a few different bikes before purchasing. Its definitely a totally different feeling on a faired sports bike as opposed to a commmuter. I’m 6’ 2" and I went from a Honda CBF600N to a Kawasaki ZX636. My wrists let me know every day that they hate it but the fun factor wins it all the time!!! :smiley:

Thanks people i will let you know how i get on:)

welcome to lb

Congrats on passing… just remember to take it easy at first and dont let it all go to ur head :smiley: or have safe fun!!

hello and welcome


I have bought a year 2000 CBR600f and began commuting into work. the first few days were a bit tense but hopeully it should get better with time :slight_smile:


Take it easy! :smiley:

A CBR600F is a good bike as an all-rounder.I’ve got an '95 FS and use it everyday. It’s just about to click past 64,000 miles and with a good wash and regular maintenance, it’s never let me down.They’re always up for a bit of fun at the weekends too… :cool: