Finally met some of you!

Was good to meet some of you yesterday, shame I couldn’t get down earlier though. I will sort out a time when I can get up to the Ace and meet the rest of you!


Nice to meet you too. :smiley:

I had a heyfever attack and my eyes were streaming at the point of saying hi.

Get your butt up here soon :stuck_out_tongue:


??? erm where?..sorry i have no idea:w00t:

Ratty - Kylie came down to us at the pier just before we set off :rolleyes:

ah the two lasses that was talkking to a few of us, i did wonder who that was!!

yes babe :smiley:

Ahhhhh, were you in a car?

was nice to briefly meet you

Thats alright sincere, hope you are feeling better today!

Yes lusty I was in the car, just had to wait behind you all just to see you all go off :smiley:

So when is the best time to go up to the ace then? bearing in mind I will be in my car :frowning: and needing to park :w00t: unless i abandon it like i do at work haha (so no one hits it):cool:

Friday night is always good at the Ace (in my opinion) especially if you like bikes! Anyone going this friday?

yeah friday is the night, im there

Ill see ya down there then!

nice to meet ya too, the hard core amongst us are usually at ace every friday :smiley:

ah now i see, cheers lou!

ace on a friday or sunday!

I did think you where some random person that had a fetish for men in leather!!! NOW i understand :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe must admit that’s what crossed my mind as well.

either that or they were in the arnie fan club

Hahaha or were you just wishing that r1cky! :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone got the post code for the Ace? Might see if i can get up there 2mo! What time do you all meet?

you mean ace caffski? :wink:

Ace Cafe London
Ace Corner
North Circular Road
NW10 7UD

Tel: 020 8961 1000

Yes I do! And thanks for the address! i hope to see you all 2mo then :slight_smile: