FINALLY, i have a BIKE!!!! WOOOT!!! :))

so finally i got a bike today! :w00t: it was a surprise too!! :slight_smile: :D:D Mr. Alex Gold was so sweet and generous to get me one! :kiss: he and his Dad drove all the way to Derbyshire to get it!! :w00t: :smiley:

sadly it’s the only bike i can get on and put both feet on the ground and feel comfortable with :wink: i am a total newbie when it comes to riding. i’ve always been a Pillion sooo…i feel very uncomfortable when my feet can’t reach the ground properly :frowning:
but i think this is it :slight_smile: i applied for my license (they didn’t want my California license! hope to God that they don’t lose my passport or i’ll wage war :D) last week and now just waiting for it then CBT! woohoo! :D:D

wish me luck everyone!!! :blush: i hope i am not TOO old to learn to ride! eeeeeeeek


sr is a brilliant bike

well done

:slight_smile: good luck

Cute little thing! …on a cute little thing!

Well she was banned from seeing it for a week, we picked it up and it was a right shitter, with a completely siezed engine. Luck and about 40 hours work between me and my dad got it to a nice looking bike!

I guess in a month or so we may be joining you for a ride Tim :cool:

P.S, pic 3 reminds me of:

cool!!! very nice bike :smiley:

Good Luck with the CBT SpeedJunky! :cool:

That looks so lovely! Lucky girl, enjoy it:):slight_smile:

Enjoy it! Now Mr Gold will be going pillion! :smiley:

Excellent Stuff…

Well done Alex Gold looks like you and your old man done a good job on that bike. Looks tidy enough to me :cool:


That bike really suits you :slight_smile:

Well done!- it was only a matter of time before you found your own wheels…

Way to go Cindy …

Shout out when you’ve completed the CBT and you can lead a ride out

Alex you and your Dad have done good :cool: Excellent choice, I had one for the three months between my CBT and DAS, great little bike, it survived being dropped a few times :hehe:

This one looks very nice, as does the new owner :blush:

I hope you’re pleased with it, Speedjunky. All the best with your CBT etc, and ride safe :slight_smile:

Nice one. Now you just need that cbt and some decent kit!!!

She has decent kit

The CBT’s coming as soon as the license arrives :smiley:

Good stuff!!!


PS anyone wanna buy a Speedfight? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

looks good cindy.

Nice one Cindy, look forward to seeing you out on it :smiley:

congrats on becoming a full member of the house ;):P:D:):hehe::cool:

Nice one!

thanks everyone!!! :D:D:D i am so glad that my very first bike is a Yamaha :stuck_out_tongue:

i am very nervous…:wink: but also very excited!! :rolleyes: :smiley:

i do have a proper kit :smiley: i didn’t wear because the moment was a surprise and i wasn’t planning on riding it really. the car park was my best place to just test it :stuck_out_tongue: and i was going really slow. Alex was yelling at me to go fast but maybe i was too focus on the bike that i didn’t hear him :D:D it was a 5 lap ride around the car park. it was nice because that was my very 2nd time riding on any bike and having to remember so many things at once!! :w00t: hopefully i’ll get used to it and like it! so how did you all get use to it? i don’t know how to drive a manual car (yeah you know…American cars etc. :stuck_out_tongue: ) and the only manual thing i’ve ever done is a Quad for about 1 day! so i am sooo NEW to this! :frowning:

now just waiting for my bloody license to come (with my passport!) :cool:

well done you.

Nice, see you out there :cool: