Finally got a bike!!!!

Hi everyone

I’ve just bought a Gixxer750 and have decided to embrace the biking fraternity (which is why I’m here). Hope to speak with some of you soon.:slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Borough Market meet tonight if you’re around,check out the rides and meets section for details,might see you there:D


Hi and welcome aboard.


Welcome, keep an eye on the rideout and meets section :wink:


Welcome to another gixer 750 owner :slight_smile:

Great to have another gixxer onboard, whats with the Rodders avatar, no relation to Del and Uncle Albert.

Only joking, total respect for bike, I’ve only got a 600, screams like ****.

Welcome to LB. No need for an embrace though, let’s just shake hands! :slight_smile:

I was wondering if someone was going to make that comment or I’d rather embrace the riding sorority.

Welcome to LB :wink: enjoy and ride safe :wink: