Finally found some storage on my bike!!

I knew R6s didn’t have much in terms of storage so never really looked for any. I saw PJ in the last BMM store something under his pillion seat so had a look and found I’ve got the same! :w00t: I went out and bought a backpack though as it’s still not enough to put anything there, maybe my wallet would fit seeing as i’m broke! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers PJ, would never have looked there otherwise.


2 piece oversuit, disc lock, 12 volt socket n fone chargers fit under blackbird seat :):slight_smile:

WHAT??? That’s impressive, I need a more practical bike.

First aid kit, spare bulbs, puncture repair kit, anatomicaly correct inflatable woman, Hi vis vest, Gobblin teasmaid, chain lube and associated stick, passport, spare laminated maps of Europe, hamster wheel, swimwear and towels, distress flare (one red one), potted Morecambe bay shrimps, corkscrew, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainance and an emergency Christmas torpedo.

Fits well under the seat of my 955i.:slight_smile:

Inflated or deflated?

Deflated with the option to inflate with helium for river crossings…

yup sounds like you do :slight_smile:

Plus a sidestand puck, small toolkit, spare bungees, and winter gloves :D:D

You can use his once he’s finished using it so sail the Norfolk broads. :stuck_out_tongue: