Finally done it

Decided to do bikesafe whilst I was up here and it is run slightly differently to the MET.

Due to no budget the Lothian and Borders only have 11 bike cops but have 32 bikes sitting in the garage??

So they run a 3 hour lecture at the Central Police station then you get a 2 hr accompanied ride, but this is done by IAM as the police cant spare the man power.

Anyway had my accompanied ride yesterday and came out fairly well, few pointers about wrong gears, couple of wrong lines in corners and standing on the pegs when going through water :slight_smile:

After following the guy back after the assessment and following his lines and trying to match his gear selections I saw it made sense and made the ride a lot smoother so signed up there and then. Just waiting for the paperwork to come through then start the training and looking forward to it.

Keep us posted. Well interested in doing this

nice one - you’ll have fun too :smiley:

Nice one. Which group did you join?

Sent the form and payment off to join AIM then as soon as I get the paperwork I will be joing who do the training up here.

About time too, you were a liability, lucky you made it this far mate, your riding was as cack as any weve seen, so its time you got trained.:smiley:

Best wishes Tim and enjoy the experience, you are an example to us all.:slight_smile:

Really want to take the skills for life route as well. Hell why i have not done this already! think i’m anxious! lets us know how it goes! hope you enjoy it!

Thanks Mr & Mrs Jets… I think :slight_smile: and a thank you to the rest of you.

As soon as I start I will do a weekly write up on that weeks going on’s, have been thinking about doing it for a year or so now and having the opportunity to sign up there and then was just the push I needed.

On a side note, one guy who turned up managed to bin his 09 R6 whilst trying to follow the instructor back from the ride out. That’s going to cost him a few £££££’s all the fairing on the right hand side damaged and no crash bungs.

I had the same guy and went the same route, OK so there was mud across the road coming to a sharp right hander over a bridge but guess the guy was playing catch up, panicked and grabed a handful of front