Finally decided on a new bike

I insured by R125 with Lexhams for only £300 fully comp and that was my first bike. So not too expensive to insure unlike my current R6 :angry::ermm::crying:

whats wrong with the cbr125r? Lovely little bike.



I’m guessing the insurance for one is going to be overboard?!? :pinch:

I did my CBT and my first few lessons on a Gilera Cougar and my advice would be don’t bother! As soon as I was able to step up to the CB500 it was completely different and so much easier to ride, and that was purely down to the style/shape of the bike.

If you are still learning I would steer clear of the cruiser type bikes, I found them very ungainly when I was trying to practice balance and control, the super moto/traillie styles are much much easier to learn on.

Just need to find a half decent cheap example, good luck. :smiley:

No but after you pass your test (or before :Whistling: ), you can make the RS125 go at least 100 MPH (even with a fat ass on board :smiley: )…No 4 stroke 125 will be capable of that even though the Yam looks good, sounds ok, and now has a one make racing class dedicated to it.