Finally decided on a new bike

Think I will be getting myself a nice easy rider cruiser in the form of The GILERA COGUAR :D:D:D

What’s your thought’s of this machine???.. there’s still enough time for me to get a different bike if it gets slated that much!,ha

ermm :blink: i had to look it up

looks interesting… :Whistling:

Yeah… it did take awhile for me to come across that bike!, it’s an 02 model and is cheap as chips to run, perfect for just getting around from A to B… now all I need is to find myself some sunday summer wheels.

out of intrest dude, why are you looking only at 125’s? CBT only?

are you mad?

those bikes suuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk… even for a 125!!!


Out of interest (and because I did a lot of research on 125s a couple of months ago when buying mine), any reason you have gone for this model?

You can get a Yamaha SR125 (albeit not so cruisery) 02 for about £650:

Or a Kawasaki Eliminator for about a grand:

Or even, if that’s your bag - Honda’s Harley-a-like 125 - the Rebel (CA125) for about £1300:

Thats a SR500 if im not mistaken !

buck (24/03/2009)

Ooh yurrr - well spotted :smiley: SR125:

humm i like that sr 500 :slight_smile:

sr 125 is a good bike to…

That Kwak doesn’t look too bad… I like the proportions.

The cougar does seem like the worst of the bunch I have to say.

I have owned 2 Kymco Zing 125’s and rode a Honda CA124 rebel. Both great bikes, the honda has a great engine.

Cougar build quality does seem dire hence why they are so cheap. Sorry mate.

for 125’s these are the pick of the bunch for me…



Ah the Yam SR125 - great bike - cos I did my CBT on one and rode one for a couple of months and passed my restricted licence on one - never missed a beat and very cheap to run and insure.

Nice bikes but I bet you get raped on insurane for those models.

very true, my mate danielle loves her one shes keeping it even when her new bike arrives!:smiley:

hmmmm… none of those bikes look like a hornet to me…!! :smiley:

True… but my journey has gone from a SR125 to a ZX6R Ninja :cool:

Hmmm, yeah I think your all right… I dont know what was wrong with me finding the Coguar attractive, must have been monday-flu clouding my senses!.Ratty — Indeed matey I am only on a CBT at the moment, I did sell my Yammy R125 to get some money together to pass my full test and put towards a bigger bike… but now im in the middle of changing jobs so there’s more imortant (but less fun) places I have to direct the dollars at the moment.

Ideally though, im looking for a cheap 125 Super-Moto style bike for around the £1000 mark… Pref a Yammy so I dont have to go changing my user name :D:D:D:D

How about an XT125X? I have one going for around that price…

I prefer the Yamaha R125 over the Aprilla. Has the reliability become better on the Aprillas?