Final warm and sunny ride of 2020?

Bit last minute, but looks like today is the final warm and sunny day of the year.

Anyone fancy a ride to somewhere and perhaps a drink or bite to eat?

I’m thinking of heading South but can go anywhere really.

@nivag @Panagiotis @Jay @anyone

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Unfortunately my wife has tennis so on my way home
from a quick visit to box hill


Btw Sunday looks ok again

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I got my fix yesterday only an hour out but it satisfied the itch. Happy I didn’t leave it till today cause it turned a bit shit after 5pm.

Now time to add a trickle charger and wait patiently until April 2021, unless the weather Gods feel sorry for us

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Sorry was already out today enjoying the lovely day that it was!


Let’s hope it’s not the last! I’m off work this week (holiday?) so went down to the Kent coast for the day.

Ride to Kingsdown, swim in the sea, walk to Deal and back. Sandwich at the Zetland Arms, snooze on the beach, get sunburnt, tea with an old biking mate in Ashford then traffic on the North Circ on the way back. Super!


Do you have something in mind? :grin:

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Might not be able to do a ride in the end.