Fast, skillfull riding is a good thing - but this is just totally mad


What bike is that? Anyone recognise the clocks?

Looks like a Yamaha FZ6n.

assuming the speedo is in kph, then that is 60mph filtering! If it is in mph. :blink:

Guy must have a screw loose.

madness on a stick. :crazy:

complete and utter stupity.

Not impressed in the slightest, should lock him up for a good long time.

just plain stupid. he wont last long!!!

There’s no “must” about it.

its an XJ6N & yes its Brazil, he has a youtube channel with a few hundred more vid’s Here…


trouble is he’s likely to take someone else with him if that’s his way…

Sao Paulo looks like a nice ride (for a city).

I went to Rio de Janeiro a few years ago and had to get a taxi into town from the airport during the morning rush hour.

Mental filtering seems to be pretty much the standard there (nothing like as mental as that video obviously) - just hammer down the white lines, constantly beeping the horn. maybe that makes drivers a bit more aware than over here?

Still, that guy is a menace…

The presenter says “130 at least” “130 between two cars” “this is a lesson in how NOT do ride a bike”

The rider comments “Don’t do this, you could die!”


Only a matter of time before he gets wiped out big style :crazy:

i liked it. entertaining to say the least.

Man the commentary is almost unbearably annoying in that video.

That poor engine isn’t going to last much longer the way the rider bounces it off the rev limiter every 10 seconds

Love it the guy has skills and no brain

none of you ever rode to Ace like that on a friday evening>?:smiley: that’s what it reminds me of;)

Yea, at last a MotoVlogger whose riding skills are more focused than his lip flapping :wink:

Fica esperto aí, nénão veio!

bloody fast
i’m sure my 40min commute would be a lot faster if i could do that lol

total a nut job,