I saw a rider filtering the M40 today and he was riding over the catseye studs. If this were me I’d be rather annoyed with myself, because in my personal riding I feel that if I hit a stud then A) I’ve gotten my lines all wrong, and B) I’ve misjudged the gap I’m going for. Plus the fact that if I get my lines wrong enough then one day it will end in tragedy of some sort. I like the Idea of picking a line either side of the studs and sticking to it, I believe it to be good practice for developing periferal vision too.

Do you guys not agree, especially if you do track days, or am I talking the proverbial

I reckon as a rider you should work out a system that you feel most comfortable with - if this works for you then that’s great. Although advanced riding instructors and motorcycle police will tell you that there is an orthodox way of filtering (don’t know what this is yet - haven’t done my advanced course yet!) - and that if you stray from the orthodoxy you are doing it wrong.I guess I’m ‘creative’ with my filtering :slight_smile: - if I’m on the motorway and all three lanes are full of traffic doing anything from 50 to 70 m.p.h. i’ll just pick whatever seems the best way through - best way through for me means a combination of quickest way through with an acceptable level of risk - this means i’ll use all three lanes in no particular order to make progress through the traffic - this involves a lot of life savers/tons of observation and a couple of fingers covering the clutch and brake if a car/van swops lanes quickly in my path.

The upside to this riding style is that it’s quick and lot’s of fun :smiley: . The downside is that it does involve accepting a higher level of risk than a more conservative and consistent filtering style.

On the other hand I still haven’t made my mind up about this e.g. there is a school of thought that says if you are filtering sensibly on the motorway you are a bit like a sitting duck and sod’s law says some bastard is going to change lanes without looking and barrel straight into you one day -alternatively if you are riding rapidly and finding the most logical path through the traffic you have got the initiative and are better placed to decide the course of events.

On my ar$e with the bike on top of me:D

Although prior to that lane 2a, avoid white lines, watch out for overbanding, and between the M25 and the Dartford Heath junction on the A2 London bound there are large ruts between the lanes where the joints between the tarmac has worn/washed away…which is very entertaining…but not in a good way.

as i mainly commute in London i just follow the currier in front of me :smiley:
it helps to have the same bike :wink:

seriously tho I just plan ahead and try to spot the best way through

Are we talking about filtering (which, in my book, is overtaking slow moving traffic), or are we talking about overtaking at speed?

They’re two different things, aren’t they?

plan ahead, make sure I have space to get back into traffic and that the cars i’m going past won’t move over on me.

I try to avoid cats eyes and white lines, but if I have to hit them, I make sure my bike is upright and steady

thumb on the horn ready to deafen people who I think haven’t seen me.:stuck_out_tongue:

I hear what you guys are saying and yeah I guess the fact that we all do it differently says we are still individuals doing the group thing, and thinking back the 10 or so years since I took my test find myself wondering how much differently I ride today as I did back then.

When Im in my car and a rider comes past me (usually at a rate of knots, and I dont drive slowly) I tend to compare the way they ride with the way that I do (usually with some envy if Im in the car it must be said) and far from wanting to tell anyone how to ride I do sometimes think ‘wow :w00t: thats dangerous… theres no need for that’ and then I think how differently I’d have reacted if I wasnt a 2 wheeled jockey also. (I hope I dont sound like a bleeding heart liberal).

I think one of the threads mentioned the police attitude to filtering, isnt it observation towards progression? or something like that, dont quote me :slight_smile: How does a bog standard cager behave when as in the tv ad you the rider are in one wing mirror, then the next, then gone completely. Only to turn up as a stat under the wheels of a 4x4 or a convertible? Get the drift?

Like I said Im not telling anyone how to ride, but guys (and gals) some of your posts along with some of the riding techniques that I see out there scares me. I want us all to live long and prosper but you got to want it too. I know I ride like a pillock from time to time and I duly admonish myself for doing it, but then the fun part is going out there and doing it all over again. A bit like the proverbial hail mary only to sin again. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel at home on my bike, and in all weathers too. I know you guys know exactly where Im coming from on that one, but cagers dont. So think about that ‘creative style’ when the roads are busy.

Cause you know they comin to get us :wink:

Sermon over… ROSIE!!! Where are ya honey we goin out :D:D

I totally agree :wink: - I guess I’m describing how I used to ride! Since I got my leg broken it’s literally hit home how vulnerable we are - I’m going to definitely tone things down a bit now. :slight_smile:


In and out, it’s the only way to get past those tossers that sit in the outside lane going 15mph below the speed limit F$^"& C%$£!:angry:

So embaressing :blush: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I ride differently in town and out of town. In central London I just look for a gap I can fit through and take it.

You should come out when the Friday night binnit club is back to see all sorts of creative riding :w00t: :smiley:

Ooops, forgot to answer the original question. Yes I filter on the motorway, much like Sidi Throttle described.

the danger is i may be led astray :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

You can count on it, lol.