Filtering question - mainly Germany

Does anyone know if filtering as we Londoners know it is allowed in Germany / Czech Republic??

We might want to do a bit of schnelling round Aachen, Heidleberg etc and don’t want to end up in Colditz with our handies hoched

In Germany it is technically illegal but tolerated to a point, until it isn’t.
Overtaking on the left is usually more advisable (providing there isn’t a ‘no overtaking’ sign).

Oh, we filtered in German cities without issue. Didn’t know. Nobody honked. They’re far too polite for that.

Mr J, you’re going to Wales…wrong country :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve asked many people about this but nobody really seems to know if it is legal however it is done. However I have been told that some of the self serve petrol stations have got cameras to detect if you have a helmet on and if you keep it on automatically call the police. Probably best to take off you helmet.