Filming for Honda


Honda are looking to film an interviews with bikers and scooter riders for internal research purposes. The filming will take place at their homes and on their bikes around their local area. The interview will be based upon consumer purchase, so why they bought their bikes/scooter, what they are like to ride, what they think of Honda etc.

I am looking to find the following people to film with and take photographs of:

  1. A ‘born again’ male biker aged between 45-55 who has just bought a Honda in the last 6 months or so after not having ridden for over 15 years.
  2. A biker commuter - aged 25-34 male or female
  3. A scooter commuter - aged 25-34 male or female

If this applies to you and you are happy to be filmed then get in touch. All contributors will be paid for their time.


I don’t commute on my CBR600RR, I polish it mostly and then put it away till it’s sunny. If you need someone who does that you can send me a PM.

I’m sitting around with a broken ankle at home as a number 2 in your list and as a Courier. Any good to you?

Think my sig line says it all about me an Honda!


Do you have to ride a Honda ?

I’m a born again “old goat” but got mine 2 years ago :slight_smile:

still being a photogenic stud muffin feel free to come n film me on my beast :D:D:D

Sent u a pm about this

I use my CBR600RR for everything. I commute on it and have just come back from a trip through Europe to Italy and back :smiley:

I dont fall into any of those categories, got the sexiest 'blade around though, but 9 months off the bike wont count as ‘born again’ :P:P

Ah some good ol’ qual research :smiley:

i guess one of the sampling variables was ‘good taste’! :stuck_out_tongue:

best you let me take the blade out for a pootle just to make sure all is well :D:D

Get back to changing diapers you…

it appears that i’m too young…

Would they interview a Triumph rider instead ? :smiley: :smiley:

I’m ugly and ride a Suzuki. Am I in?!?! :hehe:

I would say i am in but last time I done an advert on the TV I ended up with crowds of birds outside my house. Looked like a remake of the royal wedding. I ain’t going through that again… Hell No!!

So for that reason…I’m out.


I’ve got a cbf600 hire bike which I hate with a passion at the moment, I come in catagory 2 but I doubt you’ll want to hear my opinion!

CBF’s are a good commuter!!

But no women over 40 [edit: sorry, make that 35] eh?

Totally, utterly sexist.

Shame on you, Honda.

Bloody fantastic commuter, quickest thing I’ve ever ridden through London even though the engine is a bit rubbish.:smiley: