filmed by bike cop

result!-well done!.

cage filmed by video equipped (dangerous driving)

What an Ar*se :wink:

Sould have taken his licence away.

Doesn’t look that bad, the 8 car overtake was on a straight road, bit hard to see what else was around from the camera footage but it looked like he had a clear road. The small van tried to cut him off as he was overtaken, that’s dangerous. Notice the police speedo was in need of calibration and not recording.

The camera angle and lens make it all look a lot more compressed and tighter than it probably was.

Would like to see most drivers leaving a proper space between themselves and the car in front, that would make a bigger safety improvement than having a go at chaps like this and enable safer overtaking.

Well… erm… thinking back to last Friday’s rideout… :blush:

I’m with Steve. At the risk of being flamed I’ll try and be careful how I put this:

Of course, its not good driving. It is aggressive. The last two maneuvers are dangerous, though I’m not convinced they are completely blind. They deserve some penalty. Not four months in jail but that’s for the judge to decide.

But without knowing what speed he was travelling I can’t bring myself to call the main offence of passing the 8 cars all THAT bad, myself. The road is straight and clear. He is signalling and his actions are appropriate to the road markings. Is he speeding? I don’t know from this video. Looks quick.

How long are you allowed to stay in the wrong lane on broken whites under rule 127?

I’m also worried about the motorcycle being behind a white van that is overtaking, and therefore can’t see if the road is clear ahead of the van. How is the motorcyclist not putting himself in an even riskier position here? However I’m not familiar with these particular roads.

Yes he’s overtaking in a manner stereotypical to a white van. But how fast? And if not too fast then what is wrong? What did I miss?

Sorry if that’s ignorant. Would like to know about this one, in order to better keep myself within the law!!!

I agree with Steve - so according to the commentary ‘he overtook 8 cars in one go’ - what’s wrong with that if there’s nothing coming the the other way? - if you watch the video there WAS nothing coming the other way - in fact if you watch closely you will observe someone also overtaking this line of traffic IN FRONT OF the van. Also the commentary says that he was overtaking 8 cars ‘ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD’ - well how else do you overtake a line of fuggin cars?! (there were no double white lines in evidence) - the roads is a straight, wide country road ideal for this type of overtaking.

If he overtook on blind bends forcing people to brake - that’s lethal and bang out of order - but there is no evidence in the video - apart from someone appearing to flash him at the end (but then who hasn’t been flashed before after an overtake) we can only judge on the basis of the video - so the alternative is that we have to take the Police’s word for it.

To be fair his driving was definitely fruity and years ago would have got him an earful from a traffic policeman - but this thing came across as hysterical and an over-reaction with an agenda - e.g. manufacturing a passive, conformist society.

Sorry if I’ve pissed anyone off - but it’s just an opinion/argument ;).

Well I never overtake without a back up plan :satisfied:

ie a gap to dart back into if someone pulls out of a side road or another vehicle comes the other way at whatever speed. To me the gaps he is passing look like they would be big enough for a bike to slot into but not a van without causing others to brake again to give him some stopping distance. Also I don’t feel safe passing things if my vehicle doesn’t have enough oomph to pass them swiftly rather than at 1/2 mph quicker than they’re travelling leaving me sitting out in the danger area for far too long.

Nowt wrong with passing tons of cars IMO but not on blind left hand bends and without enough progress.

I’m sure if I did that on my bike safe my score would have been different :wink:

I agree he’s a bit slow but that could be taken to be caution these days :wink: It’s hard to see from the video the size of the gaps he pulls into, at least on my screen, but the small white van definately tried to keep him out, that’s dangerous.Really not worthy of 4 months, if plod thought he wasn’t safe having seen it in full size, as it happens, so to speak, then maybe a careless driving ticket but it does seem a bit of an over reaction.Just glad I always look behind me before overtaking :stuck_out_tongue:

At least he indicated which is more than bus drivers do.

Yep definitely thought the punishment was harsh especially compared to what happens to those I see on road wars doing far worse IMO :wink:

To get 4 months and a curfew there must be more to this than meets the eye.

4 months in jail! :blink:

I did wonder that but nothing else was reported.

If coppers nicked everyone who drove like that, the roads would be empty. I do 40k miles a year, and see tossers like that everyday out on the road.