Film: Tropic Thunder

Saw a screening of Tropic Thunder yesterday at the BFI. Isn’t out in the UK til September sometime, but I recommend going to see it.

Comedies recently have been lacking a certain something or have been repeating themselves. E.g. Will Farrell, yeah he’s funny but Talledega Knights, Blades of Glory, Super Pro or whatever the name of that basketball one was. There’s a pattern forming.

I was even finding Ben Stiller less and ledd funny, but this film brings back proper laugh out loud comedy. There are so many great lines and moments in this movie, I think I’ll be watching it again when it’s released.

Robert Downey Jr is an untapped comedy genius. Not to mention a great cast; Jack Black, Steve Coogan, Matthrew McConoughey (isn’t irritating for once) and keep your eyes peeled for Tom Cruise (never liked him, but… well, you’ll see).

Well ther premiere is tomorrow, and I have got me some tickets! Woohoo! Is a shame I have seen the fiml apready though… but still, I get to walk down the red carpet :smiley: Yeah boy!!The dress code is casual/camouflage, so I gots me some army gear to wear :slight_smile:

I didn’t think it was that funny.

Not a film I will watch again when the dvd comes out

I watched it a while ago!
Really loved it! very funny!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

I have to say, it wasn’t as funny the second time I watched it. But still think there are some great moments.

Me too, it was funny but not something I’d be bothered about seeing again, maybe if it’s on Sky at some point and there’s not much else on…