Film: The Dark Knight

Who else is excited about this? Have already booked my tickets to an early screening on Wednesday - can’t wait!!! :smiley:

For those who don’t like Batman, go see it because… he has a motorbike in it and you like motorbikes :stuck_out_tongue:

Even going along to the premiere to get some drawings signed (I have a collection of portraits I’ve drawn signed by the person it’s of). Shame Heath Ledger isn’t around. Had started working on a painging of the Joker for him to sign, and then he popped his clogs :frowning:

Yeah ive caught the trailer to the new Batman film afew times… just leaves you clenching the arms of the sofa in adrenalin as it looks so good. Batman begins was brilliant, when I heard this one had the Joker in it, I was like “Can it be better than Nicholson”… but it’s deffo looking like it is!!

Im looking forward to seeing what Terminator 4 holds aswell as thats got Christian Bale in it too!

We can’t bloody wait! We booked tickets for launch-day a few days ago. Also, I ordered in a Blu-Ray version of Batman Begins to get in the mood, watched it last night and by god it rocked all over again :slight_smile: I am brimming with anticipation!

Can’t wait to see the Bat Pod in action!!


It’s gonna be at IMAX too, so I’ll be spending the weekend there then :cool:

I got tickets for the IMAX. Now. Be careful! I booked them for “Sunday 2.30” (That’s how it was listed), the only other listing was for 5.30.
Now I have realised, this is actually 2.30 AM!!! I’m not sure I’ll be up for a 3 hour long movie at that time. :doze:
I’m tempted to go in the afternoon and see the riot though when people turn up being told that they’ve missed it.

Call me stupid, but it would have been a little helpful if they pointed out it was an unusual time slot, for example by listing it “Sunday 2.30AM” …

That’s pretty lame, I’d have quite easily made the same mistake as well. Whoops :slight_smile:

Yeah that 2.30 thing is a bit off :frowning: hope you don’t have work on the Monday!!

I’ll be seeing it at the IMAX at some point but was booked up when I checked so I will have to wait. But have to see it ASAP so am really looking forward to wednesday!!!

Managed to change the tickets to a sensible time a couple of weeks later. I also noticed their website has changed to explicitly say they’re early mornings. I guess they had quite a few people calling in :wink:

I went for the 2.30am Sunday viewing at the IMAX too…prefer it as there won’t be loads of kids shouting or babies crying

really looking forward to it!!!

Am seeing themovie tomorrow! Can’t wait :smiley:

Went along to the premiere yesterday. Got the uber early though it probably wasn’t worth it. Picked up a few autographs and stuff and got some good shots of the bat car. Looks awesome, though the turning circle isn’t great :slight_smile:

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

apparently Christian Bale has been arrested for assaulting his mum and sister:

Apparantly the Christian Bale thing has been exagerrated. It was a ‘verbal assault’. Speculation is they had some argument over Bale’s wife or something.

Could explain why he was a bit off at the premiere.

Anyway, saw the film last night and it’s fantastic!! The Joker is played brilliantly, and as the Joker should be - purely chaotic. And they’ve still made it so Batman is still likeable and very cool, and harvey Dent is spot on too.

Such a shame about Heath Ledger. Always a shame when someone goes - especially in that way.

Im looking forward to seeing it at the weekend! :slight_smile:

He is damn awesome. And there are moments where it just goes through your head that he’s not around anymore, not even to just reap the praise of his performance. there’s a line he says, too, which has an ironic and sad undertone. You get so engrossed in the character when he’s onscreen, it’s unbelievable. I won’t say any more though :slight_smile:

Going tonight; can’t wait!

I saw it last night and it’s frightfully brilliant!! The Joker is great, really dark.


I saw it at Leicester Sq last night and it’s a cracking film, non-stop action and Heath Ledger played the Joker brilliantly!

For those that haven’t seen it yet, get yourself some tickets now, you’ll love it!! :w00t:

yep - really enjoyed it :wink: quite long too - i didnt find it too long, but a couple of the women behind us in the cinema decided about two hours in that they were bored. that kind of thing annoys me :crazy: