fill her up'!

would you believe it?;

my sister’s friend didn’t even know about the fuel price issue & fills up twice a week!..:ermm:
darrylj: do you not see the price signs on the way in or on the pump etc?.
her friend: what signs?.*

oh some women eh’!..the cheek of it!,…they ain’t got a bloody clue…!


Is this a quiz?:Whistling:


Sounds like my wife…even uses my credit card! Has the knack of finding the most expensive stations in the country.

Uses the excuse that she needed fuel, so she filled up. Just no planning ahead!

Well last time I filled up (sv650) it came to £17.63. Last year Id have been lucky to get £15 in her.

agreed! +1.

when your @ a petrol station next us men, just take a glance at some of these women!..filling up smiling like petrol was flippin’ water!.

awww ur really tryin dude ainchya :wink:

She has beaten all records recently! £93.52 for the cage!Just shrugs her shoulders!

Meh, had about 2 litre reserve left yesterday and filled up - over £32 worth of 97 octane Super-soup. Thirsty beast when ridden hard heh.

Mine took 23 litres at the weekend. She cost me a fortune on dinner… :w00t:

blah blah blah



If a couple of quid on a tankfull on your bike makes all that much difference to you, get a C90:)

My misses hasnt filled a car up with petrol since 1992, so she wont have a clue either.

Dunno, but checking on the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive station is 10p a liter. And that for an average filling of 20L motorbike is about £2 difference.

Assuming 4000 miles a year, 50 miles per gallon, the price difference between filling always at the most expensive station rather than always the cheapest station will save you £34 a year… Yeah, £34.

And more realistically if you just go about it randomly compared to always going to the cheapest station it would be half that.

So here goes, you can spend time shopping around, researching the cheapest stations, redirect your routes and save £17 a year. Or, like me, you could just enjoy biking and fill up when and where it’s more convenient.