Figured I should post this...

For those that didn’t see the newbie thread…

errmm isnt that ilegal?

nice looking bike mate i like yellow…

very nice but when did you manage to get shots of Flatout in the states?!

That’s not Flatout, he’s not stalled it!

I hate to rain on ya parade, but you do realise that bikes have two wheels for a reason? (and the reason is not purely so you can keep one of them in the air at all times)

What’s the problem, keti, Front222 is just trying to ride economically, what with the cost of new tyres an’ all!

It’s ok cuz I wear in the front tire by doing stoppies.

At least I was wearing my brain-bucket…

As long as you keep em evenly worn, it’s all good

Ain’t that the bike in “Biker Boyz” Better helmet though!!!

I’m offended! Where’s the mods?

Nice bike, Nice pics.

You might want to replace the helium in your front tyre with air though…

very wise!


Trust me, the '07 will have one in the air way more than two on the ground.