Fighterama 2007

Anyone else going from LB. I’m going over with Spart for the whole weekend, He’s got his bike on the Ace stand and won a free w/end for 2, for getting 1st prize at Fighters day :smiley:

Anyone else going giss a shout and I’ll buy you a snaps :slight_smile:

:wink: Hmmm I’d have never thought it of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Go on, go, see if we care, leaving us here working :crying:

no spooning:)

and dont forget me hoodie xxl :stuck_out_tongue:

XXL, why you going on a diet then. If they do Fat C unt size I’ll get you one ;):smiley:

Vookenzee offen!!Hope ya enjoy the German fistinger wenches!:w00t:Comenzee zeruck mit den sore botbot:P

now now…tel…just becouse your gonna be all in your propper stunting gear sat on the sidlines saying to the person next to you…’‘i can do that…no…i really can…’’!!!:w00t:


Terry be careful when packing your rucksack :w00t:

fuk off you streak of p ss,dont come back without it,:),so whos the giver and taker out of you two.streetbitches:hehe:

tel, you know he has a naf keyboard he missed out 2 x Xs on the xxl, you might have to have it made so best order it straight away when you get there.

Tel is it in a ruff area,… you taking your bullet proof vesty? :w00t::smiley:

gonna be easier to find a tent and stitch some cuffs to it…:w00t:

Vixer :smiley:

Have a good one Terrance, don’t forget to take the Helpline Number;)

Wot a weekend, f0oking mental. Met some puka people. Got me some lurvly bits for me project :smiley: . Even found Tugless a marque :slight_smile:

Defo going back next year :slight_smile:

Big thanx to Spart and the Ace for the trip and the puka hotel :cool:

To say we took a few pic’s would be a understatement. We’ll be posting em up in the Fighters section as soon as Spart gets his finger out :smiley:

so are you telling us they let you back into the country, ffs

Do we really wanna know where he’s had his finger ?? dont think so :w00t:

Wot ya bought me? Wot ya bought me? Wot ya bought me? :w00t:(& no smart fecker is to say marquee:P)

I brought you back a couple of things you can have for a few weeks ;):smiley:

Do they take batteries? :unsure: