Fighter jets over london

Did anyone else see the three private jets - each escoted by 4 fighter jets each flying low over london at about 1 o’clock???

Anyone know what it was about (a guy asked me if we was at war!!)

I`ve just tried to find out on the net but nothing came up.

If it’s visit from any high ranking political or military figure you wont find out who, but to be flanked by 4 fighters, it’s probably someone very important.

Queen marked her official 81st birthday with the Trooping of the Colour parade.

when i was a little nipper there used to be many more jets & planes.

if it was about 1:00 pm it would be the fly past for Trooping The Colour to mark HM The Queen’s official birthday!!!

Each private jet had 4 escorts - so

3private jets and 12 fighter’s in total! Nuts!!!

It was me and my lot coming back from shopping !!!

yes it was spectacular. they flew over the shop!!!

Why have you got an FZ1 in your avater now - surely it should be a ZX6 or you fz6

Loved it, the noise was incredible You don’t get jets fly that low over London everyday! I think the escorts were the Eurofighters. Shame it wasn’t the Joint Strike Fighter, that’d been impressive to see/hear break the sound barrier.

Shame it was raining, but I guess it keeps the sound in more

Two Spitfires and a Hurricane went low directly over my house a little while back. What a sound! You can keep your Eurofighters…

It’s H.M.'s official birthday today, Trooping the Colour and all, and the Falklands commemoration tomorrow. Mrs Wiz and the rest of the Central Band of the RAF were tramping the streets of London at 3 a.m. on Friday morning in rehearsal!

Amazing stuff… totally love the sound, gave me goosebumps and made my hair stand up!!

There will be another fly past tomorrow for the Falklands commemoration ,about 45 planes in all.Sadly they could’nt get the Vulcan ready in time.Remember being at Biggin Hill in the early 80’s when it went over and the whole world shook

There is a rumour aswell that concord will be in the group tomorrow!!

we aint talking about my bike, we are talking about jets!,

probably weren’t private jets sean!! probably the queens flight!

as for the noise of jets!! does nothing but wind me up!!!

There are going to be more aircraft this afternoon at about 4:45 onwards for the falklands war rememberance.

Should be about 50 planes and helicopters in the fly past

In from essex down the mall and then out to northholt

Good veiw from work of yesterdays fly past

They flew over my place, 1st was a lone Dakota Plane from WW11, then a Lancaster with 3 Spitfiers and 2 Hurricans, a Nimrod, a group of Euro fighters, a VC10 with 3 other fighters (not sure what) and last the RAF display team The Red Arrows. Fanastic to watch.