Fighter jet stunting!!!!

How do the pilots keep orientated whilst performing these stunts??

Er …they don’t. The computer does.

Search for “mig” and “crash” and you’ll get more footage than you can ever watch in a life time…its called Russian Air Force Darwinism…those dudes die in their hundreds and its only the genuinely lucky nutters that survive to be able to fly like that…

The other thing is those fighter planes are impossible to “fly” in the conventional sense of the word. The ability to keep those planes in the air is NOT down to the pilot, its down to computers making a billion decisions a second continually which just “stop it from falling out of the sky”. The pilot points it in one way, and the computer works out the best combinaiton of wing surface and angles to keep the plane moving and not dropping toward the ground. If it needs to it adds more power or cuts power, or whatever. There’s no way the pilot could work that many different elements out in time.

So see line 1 to answer your question.

As much as I enjoy any opportunity to rib the RAF (ex matelot )…

…I’m sure they’d disagree, there’s a lot of skill needed to fly like that.

Acrobatic or voltage is actually simpler that it looks. It is based on a series on controls changes on a timely mater. The main problem is not to pass out when you take to many -G… I personally got used to up to -4G on my glider but those are far worth and it take a lot to stay focused…

You’re thinking american mate, russian aircraft are stable and therefore do not need the computer to think for the pilot although it obviously has one as a modern(ish) airframe.

Aircraft such as the F16 are designed to be unstable and impossible to fly without the aid of a computer, but as a result the airframe is extremely manouverable. However, the F16 arguably is less manouverable than the Mig29 or SU27 (Shown in the film). The manouvers that the plane is pulling, when it first made it’s display in the western world made it crap itself as it is one of the only airfraft that can perform those manouvers. It is all mechanical and stable which is very impressive.

In addition, aerobatic prop planes to not have computers at all and it is all input by the pilot.

They keep orientation the same way someone doing somersaults / diving does, they pick a spot and keep orientation with that until the move is complete.