Fight Parking Penalty

My local supermarket has a policy of 2hr stay… A few days ago I went once around 14.40, left soon after and then went back for an extra item, around 6.30ish…

Something must have happened with the camera because I was today sent a Penalty notice by Horizon parking saying that I overstayed and they would like £70 of my hard earned… They can get stuffed as far as I’m concerned but how do I prove that I wasn’t there?

I’ve managed to get from the bank the exact time of my transactions on my card, which would suggest that I made a second trip (but not categorically prove it).

Is there anything else I can do? Also, all the photos they attached are in the dark which wouldn’t be possible if it was at 14.40 going in, though I’m not sure if that’s to do with the quality of their printing.

Do you have two receipts?

It’s happened to several others recently that I’ve read about


The pictures need a log of when and at what time they were taken, in fact all pictures do have such log nowadays, if they don´t give you a detailed log of time and date they can go screw themselves, tell them that you are not paying because they can´t prove it. 

It was a big problem at McDonald’s a few years ago.

No don’t have receipts… I do have the transactions on the Nectar card. Went down to the local Sainsbury’s who said they would be in touch with the penalty company and that if there are two transactions I will not hear from the again.

Gonna drop the parking company an email with that info and tell them to piss off… :slight_smile:

Ask them to show proof that you were there at 16:40 and you’ll pay the fine, otherwise they can start legal proceedings (and watch them get fucked over)

Nah it’s fine… I’ve sent them a long and detailed letter with screenshot of my nectar card showing the transactions and told them that they should check store CCTV. So if they go to court and say ‘we didn’t’, we’ll have a laugh…

It was funny though that the sainsbury’s guy said “whatever you do, don’t pay them”… :smiley:

makes my blood boil all these bloody parking companies who reverse the burden of proof and get away with it almost all the time

Some also have a no return with a certain time frame .

Indeed, I’ve always wondered how that works with zip cars or similar… how would you know where the person who had the car an hour before you went?

are these cameras filming entering and exiting? surely they could see you leave and return later!!

I got stung for parking too long, by 8 minutes, in Lidl, Tottenham.  I just paid the fine as I was in the wrong.  However, I later found out that those companies do not have the legal right to enforce their fines.  Unfortunately I cannot remember where I got tht information from, but it was on the internet.

If I was in your shoes, I’d be digging for that information again, and put the burdon on them to prove you were parked for that whole period.  The fact that you made two visits and purchased on each of them I would have thought was good enough grounds for the shop to cancel the fine.  And if they don’t, blag about it on all local forums.  It may be worth calling the council’s Trading Standards department for guidance, or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

I’ve got that information, it’s on moneysupermarket… if they come back with anything more I will advise them that any further work for myself to provide supplementary data will be charged at my rate of £75/hr… this could be fun but yeah I know they have absolutely no authority to charge beyond taking me to court for breach of contract

it was plastered all over watchdog not long ago.  

although its not nice to take the piss out of supermarket car parks, they should have better methods not to penalize honest customers and to get rid of people just wanting to park in there for free.

Like i said previously, it used to happen in Mcdonalds Car Parks, it was on Watchdog, probably the same episode that Alba is talking about. Some woman said she had her Toddler and went in for a happy meal before picking her older kid up from school, she went back after picking the older one up who also wanted a Mcdonalds and they charged her for overstaying as she was seen leaving the exit over 2 hrs after going in the 1st time.

McDonalds had a big issue at Gatwick where people had waited for the flight to come in and then popped back in go feed the people they picked up.

I’ve had around ten of these, mostly my wife parking at the leisure centre then going for coffee with her mates, but not in the last couple of years so law may have changed. Never had to pay as none of the companies were able to get me to admit I was the driver and as such a contract cannot be enforced just because you own the vehicle, their photos were useless as my heated screen reflects the shot. The only way it was enforceable was to get a court to rule I had agreed to the conditions - even legal advice was to retain all documentation but do not reply to them.SO BEWARE sending them an email could result in confirming you were aware of the conditions and the driver.

yes the correct course of action is to totally ignore them.  otherwise you actually make it worse for yourself.

The correct course of action USED TO BE ignore them, the law changed when they outlawed clamping, now the registered vehicle owner is liable for any charges (assuming the signage etc is clear).

Which parking company is it? Parking eye are infamous for their anpr cameras that can’t differentiate between one long visit, and two visits done on the same day. If it is parking eye, they can and in most cases will take you to court if you ignore them. Parking companies that are members of ATAs such as BPA can easily get the car owner’s details from DVLA, where they can send the court letters.

Also, worth a read: