Fight or Flight?

Ok, A couple of scenario, so you’re riding along when some numpty dulls out on you, or performs some crap manoeuvre that puts your life in danger, then they stick 2 fingers up at you and tell you to go forth and multiply. Now as a road user you are meant to suck this up and say, so sorry, You’re right, I was wrong, how silly of me to put my life at risk by being on the road going about my way. But really you want to knock the poop out of them and teach them the error of their ways, I know I do and I’m not a violent person.
Now imagine you are in a pub, on the street anywhere and someone takes a swing at you, some of you are likely to swing back, fight or flight, it’s a recognised human behaviour. I mean it is likely you will swing back in self defence. Is it acceptable?
Isn’t it the same response on the road?
Last one, someone is walking along with a gun randomly shooting it about, they may or may not hit you, now you are likely to run (flight) from that situation. So why wouldn’t you run from the near hit? I mean cars, vans, lorries, busses will kill you, they are deadly weapons in the wrong hands.
What would you do in these situations, and is it wrong or nature to attack someone that has attempted to ‘kill’ you? (ok some poetic licence in there as they aren’t all out to get you)
When I have had a near hit (near misses do not exist :P) my adrenaline is pumping so hard the mist decends, it’s not easy to control it. One big diffuser to this is them saying sorry, still mad, but they acknowledge a mistake.
So fight or flight?

Completely different scenerio’s and not really comparable.

I can have all the mist I want, by bike lacks the power to vent it so there’s no point! lol

hmmm difficult one. I often have to control that urge to catch up n dish out but usually I can calm myself down. Seen way to many life changing acccidents or fights as a result of road rage or alcahol. All it takes is that one bump to ur bike by a raged up car driver or the bottle on ur head by a pissed off drunk to end your life and it seems to be happening more and more now days. That being said I have at times chased after an idiot car driver and let them have a barrage of abuse and once or twice a side of boot to the door. Its always afterwards once Ive calmed down that I realise how close I came to probably killing or hurting myself seriously. In a pub I tend to walk away. I would rather walk away and live my life then stand and slug it out with a drunk or drugged crazy. Now if someone breaks into my house and threatens the lives or security of me and mine…thats a different story.

All down to scenarios really. Someone very nearly took me out last week, they changed lanes without looking/indicating and I just happened to be right along side them. Missed me by inches as I accelerated hard to get out of the way. I did not respond to them at all, just hooted in a quick double tap “Beep Beep” sort of way.

Someone breaking into my home and with my family there, I would do something - quite what I don’t know, that would be determined by the situation that presented itself.

Just try and remain detached - I used to get angry/bloody minded in these situations - but I have had so many experiences of crap/selfish driving that these days I just expect it.

You should always build the expectation that other peoples driving is going to be crap/selfish/dangerous into your riding/roadcraft - you can then construct a safety margin which takes into account their potential for error - leading to less chance of near misses/hits.

When the near misses/hits do happen - because you were expecting it anyway you tend to remain detached - rather than going straight into fight or flight and losing it - which can lead to even more severe consequences - e.g. you could end up in intesive care/dead with a stab wound or in a cell for g.b.h. or murder.

If someone is directly threatening you with violence then you would be justified in fighting/running away depending on your assessment of the situation/balance of power - but there is never any excuse for escalating a situation unecessarily - it also looks terrible in court.

Deep inner calm is the answer but getting there is not at all easy.

i grew up in londons east end, i knocked around with some unsavoury peopel in my younger days, its never really did me any good… but one thing it taught me…-dont take **** from anyone…sometimes you do have to walk away, but still dont take **** from people, i’m nothing to look at, i’m not big built, im a nice person…until someone ****'s me off, then unfortunetly my temper kicks in…liek hulk said…‘you wont like me when im angry’:smiley: