Fifth Gear

showed a bike last night, the ZZR watchamacallitt.

They went very fast.

surely there should be more of this on TV.

yes it was good to see the Kwak on TV - but let’s be frank… it was announced ages ago, it’s been around a while and why oh why don’t they get a presenter that can actually ride the bike! I can’t believe they only kissed 150MPH - I’ve done 130MPH on the GPS on my CBF600…! And of course it would have been nice to have a ‘propper’ report… corners are great, there’s so much power the front end is difficult to keep down… it’s great for the track but the road? You know what I mean - like you get for the cars…

Oh well - at least it’s a start - more please! and of course it’s nice to see the Ace regulars in the show! :slight_smile:


Saw this - it was pants. If they are going to do a top speed run on the Kwak then at the very least do it at Bruntingthorpe where there is enough space. What no corners or any other information = toilet.

The woman is one of the most irritating people to ever cross a tv screen, Tiff Needell can drive a car but WTF on a bike! And Tim Lovejoy is the Don on Soccer AM but just doesn’t fit a poor mans Top Gear like Fifth Gear.

Oh and the Ace Cafe seems to have quite the freak parade in the background…Glad I never go

If im right i think bruntingthorpe has an 85db limit! i reckon even with standard pipes the ZZR1400 would be louder than that!

She has an annoying voice however she looks good in her leathers…I didn’t really see the point of the piece though but well done for doing it…try harder next time…

It was rather poor, but it is a stonking bike. Still, credit to the presenters for even trying, they are trying to bridge a gap in the market with introducing bikes to motorists. Now all they need to do is a series of SMIDSY’s and the like which will be eye openers for the common motorist.

Tim Lovejoy is a waste of oxygen and there is no “chemistry” to his presenting at all. Cannot stand the way he waffles on or his purile comments.

Can you make a post without insults?

The Ace is a petrol head’s Mecca!!

I’m one of many freaks that go regularly and socialise, I’m glad you dont bother if that’s your opinion!

The Ace isn’t everyones cup of tea…

Personally I quite like the tea and enjoy the odd breakfast there…and it’s at least one place we can all meet up at and not get that much hassle…Maybe we need more places like that so the Ace wasn’t so busy…

i actually enjoyed the zzr piece on 5th gear. we know its not a show dedicated to bikes so it was a little bonus. cant really expect a BIKE type road test eh!

I actually really like Vicky Butler H, and in leathers and on this bike, and giving it large, was great. How many woman, non bikers, would have given that a crack. She was fair game, and did really well. I think that hit the 160 and 180 mph mark after the filmed runs according to the show. If you saw it on one her runs she left a black line of rubber trailing as she nailed it away from the line, hardly tame effort there considering she is a non biker.

As for the Ace, if you never been, then you’ll never know. And choose the right night to go as well


However this post was my opinion, unless you specifically were on screen in the background when they were filming then my apologies. If not then lighten up.

I am sure the Ace is lovely for those who enjoy that kind of thing…

Totally agree with you Grimbusa!

Never mind debating someone’s opinion of the Ace, I’m far more interested in VBH in leathers.

Must remember to catch the repeat

I’ll second that VBH in leathers I missed it when is the re-run on?

The Ace is ace if you catch it on a good night (Friday’s usually a good one), but it can be crap sometimes … especially on a car night. They seem to be doing less of the Chavy car nights recently though, which has to be a good thing! I go up there to meet friends, drink, chat and “kick tyres” … great fun!

It was great to see someone having a go on that ZZR though … its supposed to be a great bike by all accounts.

actually bike magazine had an article on

“why jeremy clarkson hates bikes”

not sure if anyone read it…

Ace - mmmmm… knickerboker glories!!

I did.

He didn’t come across as as much of a browneye as usual.

I think I have heard about it, but elaborate anyway.

with you on most of those gixxergooner

i think i’d find it hard not to slap VBH if i met her in person. she grates something chronic.

f*** me you lot are easily pleased. can’t agree she looks good in her leathers either. she’s a lump. if she’s getting you excited i wouldnt’ check out adverts for ladies leathers like the clover site

can’t blame them for being wary of that machine tho, first time jumped on the r1 the power felt rediculous, and the kwak is more outrageous. you have to get used a machine like that which takes time, which i doubt they really had. she accidently laid down rubber on he first proper try. i’d say its more of a challenge to get higher digits out of the speedo with a limited runoff so no complaints there either

lovejoy is utterly rubbish - painful to watch. clearly read autocue, turn to vicky, try a lame joke, turn back and stare at the camera. wooden as you like. if i didn’t know he was from soccer AM i’d think it was his first gig on tv.

dont agree on the ACE - they aren’t filming on friday night, they’re doing it during the day. doubt you’re goign to get a representative crowd there on a thursday morning do you?

Seeing that the people in the background are not representative of the usual crowd at the Ace - i apologise for the ‘freak parade’ comment. It does come across as a little snippy.

besides they may be people that the producers hired to hang about anyway not real punters…

the dudes with the florescent jackets do work there tho, and not sure anyone’ll accuse them of being normal