FIFA on PS3 Loading problem.

Hey guys, anyone plays FIFA on ps3?

I have a loading problem. A while ago I bought second hand FIFA 13 and when I installed it, it would load for ageeeeeeeeeeees, literally ages and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze all the time. I thought it was a problem with a second hand game and today I bought FIFA Street on PlayStation Store and I thought that it will be fine, but I have the same problem. I have tried to log off from PS Network and just go offline and surprisingly game works just fine, but when I log back and go online it is just unplayable. I am quite mad because of that, I’d love to use it online as I love to compete with other players online in every game. I googled the problem but I have found nothing that could help, only some rubish stuff, so I thought that maybe some of you had similar problem and found a solution?

sell the ps3, buy an xbox.



Well, if it works fine during single player, but not multiplayer, then is that not a network problem? Try downloading through PSN something big (e.g. a free game demo) and monitor the speed it is downloading at, as well as if it’s constant or suddenly stops at times. Also, how do you connect to the internet - wifi, cable to the broadband router?

It is wifi. It is not that it does not work multiplayer, it is just not working at all when I am connected to PSN. I have downloaded quite few things from PSN before. Don’t really think that it is a network problem, all other games works fine, including Battlefield 4 which I am playing online, multiplayer without any problems. Strange as it is from EA too.

EA servers were down about 2 weeks ago due to some ddos attacks, I don’t suppose that is when you were trying to play it online? Other than that, it seems like it is the problem with the fifa games in general. Since you’ve googled it, you must have noticed that loads of people are having same or similar problems in a range of fifa games and on both xbox360 and ps3 platforms. Given how buggy the BF4 was released, I’m not that surprised. If you are trying to play online using both controllers on the same console - the solution seems simple, just reassign controller numbers. If you are connecting alone, all I found is the obvious - delete the fifa game profile, uninstall the game, install anew, connect to psn, launch the game, make sure it downloads and installs any latest patches for the game.

I have tried erasing game profile already. It doesn’t work and I have lost what I have done playing it on single player offline. With FIFA 13 I had this problem few months ago when I bought it, but it was second hand and I thought this is the cause of problem. FIFA Street I got about a week ago and same problem and I bought it on PS Store and downloaded. As far as I have read all the stuff on google no one really found a solution for this and I think that I will just go for Pro Evo Soccer.

Yeah, looks like you’re screwed, sorry. Apart from changing every possible setting on ps3 in the hopes that one of them somehow conflicts with the game, not much to be done. Well that, or wait for EA to release a patch to fix it that may never come.