Fiat, Ferrari versus F1 !!

Awesome Power !!


How excellent was that F1 car’s acceleration out of the last corner to the finish line?

Scary quick.

Funny enough, Ferrari and fiat are the same company!

Fookin ell! Brilliant! Though am I the only one who thinks the Ferrari road car was poo? If I spent £100k+ on a car, I’d want it to be bloody fast, not some lardy chelsea-tart transporter that wallows and rolls around in the corners more than a number 9 bus, lol… Would like to see a Mitsubishi Evo VIII or Subaru STI instead of that car.

F1 cars rock, awesome sound, awesome performance. Shame the racing’s as dull as watching paint dry.

Thats mad

Yeah I was surprised that it wasn’t a 360 or something serious. That was their GT model I think.

That was either the 550 of 575 and it is a serious machine much better than a standard 360 and Jay the road Ferrari is far from crap the F1 car just made it look a lil mickey mouse

J Clarkson done the same thing using 3 fords road, rally and F1 with 3 famous drivers but the result was the same F1 cars have to be the greatest thing on tarmac