Few Things

iTech Bluetooth headset - Brand new
RRP = £45
Selling for £20 + post

Tom Tom Mains Charger - Brand New
RRP = £19.99
£5 + Post

if that bluetooth works with a tomtom rider i’ll have it mate…


It should work Shane.

yea it should work smiled.

Ill speak to you about it in a week when im back from holiday mate. but its garunteed yours for now :smiley:

the home charger is compatable with the tomtom rider aswell and ive got 3 of them for sale :wink:

bluetooth sold.

Thanks smiled :smiley:

still got tomtom mains chargers for sale! Retail at £19.99 from tomtom, all im asking for is £5 :smiley:

Also got a Samsung G600 for sale :wink:

bumpaty bump :slight_smile:

charger works with the following tomtom’s…

MOBILE 5, NAVIGATOR 5, NAVIGATOR 6 + GPS receiver, RIDER 2nd edition TomTom
GO, GO 300, GO 500, GO 700, ONE - 1st Edition TomTom
RIDER accordign to the tomtom website!


still got 2 chargers if anyones interested :slight_smile: