Few pics from a trip last week in Portugal

Excellent time had


Looks like you had a blast Jamie, great pics! Are you healing up ok?

Yes thanks, actually managed to get the leg over the bike first attempt this evening :smiley:

I’m just uploading some vids to YouTube, will embed them onto here when done

Groovy :slight_smile:

BTW, pic no. 5 looks really scary :w00t: Were you going into water there?!

Few more pics


We managed to find some water and get wet too. That is Romain in that picture. French guy on the trip and a really good rider

Dude, that looks awesome fun!:slight_smile:

That hill is steep :w00t:

True, and photos always make hills look flat, so that must be damn steep:D

Thats a bit of me that is mate. Great stuff…:smiley:

Like it…

Going up was pretty hard, coming down is harder, especially when you fall off.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Had vertigo just from watching the clip :w00t:

Fuuuuuuuuuuuun!!! :w00t: That reminds me…I must not miss the Red Bull Romaniacs 16th to 20th July…wonder if it will be broadcast live?

were in Portugal was that riding? Algarve?

Yes, riding out of Burgau