Few items of clothing for sale

I have a pair of Large Black Alpinestar GP Tech’s in good condition, no rips or scuffs.

A pair of Large Black Alpinestar goretex winter gloves in good condition, no rips or scuffs.

An Alpinestar back protector.

Make me a decent offer.

Just bumping this up in case anyone didn’t see it before.

Come on people, only selling to help pay for upgrades to my race bike for next year.

Indicative prices as to what you expect to achieve would be very useful indeed.

Ok how about
£50 for the back protector

£30 for the gortex gloves
£60 for the alpinestar gloves

I also have a 2 piece black and blue Dainese leather suit, used with a few minor marks but not been down the road, good enough to use for track days and the like. Size 58 which I think is a UK48.

Plus a Gering black waterproof jacket size XXL, used with a few marks but not been down the road.

Pictures of the suit and jacket I will put up tomorrow.

Feeding the habit still? How did your season go?

Can I get some more details on the boots please? What model are they? Also, whereabouts is good to try them on?


The boots are very similar to the Vortice they make now but these boots are a few years old so not absolutely sure if they are these exactly of the previous model.

Still a very good boot with plenty of adjustment.

I can bring them along to BM tomorrow night other than that i’m not sure as i live outside of London.

Failing that i might be able to leave them at OMC and you could try them on there but i would need to check with Simon and Matt that its ok.

2 Piece Leather suit

Waterproof Jacket

BM might be an idea (if I am not too late for you to have them with you). When abouts do you turn up? I am on a slightly tight timetable tonight. I won’t be able to stay past 7, and ideally need to be on my way as soon as possible before then.

Unfortunately i didn’t bring them with me this morning as i hadn’t heard anything.

I’m not going to be at BM tonight now but if you fancied a ride out over the weekend I’m near ascot :smiley:

I really really fancy a rideout this weekend. However, not having an MOT for the bike that has an engine in it, I can’t. Next week?

No worries, I will try and make it along to BM next Wednesday so will bring them along with me.

Boots are Sidi Vertigo Corsa’s. Lovely boots. I have some.

I will definitely be there next wednesday. What sort of time?


I will bring them along tomorrow, I will be there from about 6.30.

PJ will you be at the Ace Friday night ? ? ? Would like to take a look at the A pair of Large Black Alpinestar goretex winter gloves
Cheers Steve

More than likely Steve yes, what time you planning on getting there?

Between 7 and 8 but will probably be late pmsl but will be there :slight_smile:

Boots gone. Thanks PJ.

Your welcome mate.