Festival of Speed

Went down to Goodwood yesterday, good day in the sun.
Bike pits where cool. A few WSB boys down there current and old. They really let us mortals get close to the bikes. The Alstare gsxr k9 was a amazing bit of bike porn. Kagayama was very friendly chap.

Just thought I would share a couple of pix.








Thanks for posting those up. We’ve just got back from Goodwood just now. Had to cover ourselves from head to toe in aftersun (never thought that was going to be needed today!)

Fab day out, even got to see Jenson Button being chauffeured around in a golf buggy. Totally recommend people going next year, the cars are as fabulous as the bikes! :slight_smile:

look at guy martin…scruffy sod:D

yukio rocks man, great rider:)

I just spent the last 3 days “working” down there well dossing around looking at things and getting payed.

I was there Saturday too, great day out for petrol heads. We got soaked riding down there and caught the sun for the rest of the day so I am sporting a sunglasses tan today:)

Will post some pics later.

I even had a quick chat to Sir Stirling Moss late in the day :wink:

lots of people have told me its really busy and you struggle to see stuff?

Did you guys find it like that?

I’ve been a few times in the past and never had a problem, I think you have to pick your moment to go and see certain things, that way the whole world isn’t always in the same place as you, although yes it is still very busy. It also helps being 6’ 2" tall too as I can see over stuff!! lol

It is still a cracking day out mind and on balance incredibly good value when compared to some other forms of sport.

Oh and although I didn’t get to go on Friday in the end, I was offered free tickets as well, I did see most of those guys at Donnington during the pit walk the weekend before courtesy of Axo and LB!! :wink:

not really. If you don’t have grandstand tickets it can get a bit crowded by the haybails to see the cars and bikes cracking up the hill. Otherwise getting up close and personal with the machinery and the drivers/riders is unparrelled imho

had a sit in the Nissan gtr. Damn I want that car…

Took a LOT of pics. Will try and sort some out tonight

+1 - never been a few feet away from a F1 Ferrari warming up before. That ‘popping’ punches straight through you.

Amazing day for ‘hands-on’ guests :smiley:

Also had a great day there on the friday, saw Sterling Moss as well, he went to the same school as me :slight_smile:

A few pics, need to sort the others out when I have a minute.

a couple of pics…(out of the 400 or so i originally took!)








great pics…have emailed you re the one of Trevor Nation on the Norton

I was there working on the RAGE stand.

cheers fella!

more than a little bit of swearing involved with getting the action pics - one chance to get the cars and bikes as they came up the hill. prob should apologies to the missus for the outbursts :wink:

I really must go to this next year! Looks a wicked day out. Nice SLR! :wink: