FESTIVAL OF 1000 bikes 2012 @ Mallory park 7/8th July

Anyone fancy going up to this on the Saturday and camping overnight return Sunday ???

Myself, Karen & couple of others are going up to this as its usually a good day out but this year the idea is to go up Saturday watch some races, mingle around the paddock and meet the stars as its a very relaxed atmosphere and the tend to be chatty,

have a BBQ and few beers & wine (for the ladies) :slight_smile:

then hangover permitting watch more racing on Sunday

the last one we did at Santa Pod was a good laugh…so come on chuck some gear on ya bikes and have a night out :slight_smile:

Aww looks like a good one Steve, but with a bit of luck, (no breakdowns) ill be riding in europe with lagos-blu and Rob!

I’ll be there…will be camping on the Saturday on the paddock to do a side-car race on the Sunday! :smiley:

you should be ok now Paul you saw the light n bought a Honda !!!

gissa shout then Cass will look for you falling outta the sidecar lol

ha ha ha!! Don’t jinx me!!! :w00t:

Looks interesting. I’ll have to let you know closer to the time though.